March 3: Lifelong

Regina McGriff.jpg

Lifelong 119 W Court St

Calming Effects, Regina McGriff

Regina McGriff has been painting about a dozen years. She started in watercolor and now incorporates many of those techniques in her acrylic paintings. Regina enjoys local scenery and conveys the calming effects of water and foliage in her work. She often visits the same area many times throughout the year. Several locations in Tompkins County have been the subjects of many pieces, sometimes at differing seasons or time of day.  The exhibit will be up through March and April.

February 3: Kitchen Theatre


Kitchen Theatre 417 W State St

SURFACE TENSION: An art exhibition by Barbara Mink.

Kitchen Theatre Company is pleased to offer “SURFACE TENSION: An art exhibition by Barbara Mink” in its Judith Holiday Lobby Gallery. Mink says, “I am inspired by creating and counterbalancing formal oppositions of line and color, form and space, light and dark, organic and architectonic, diffusion and thickening, surface and depth.”

February 3rd: Collegetown Bagels

CTB Chew.jpg

Collegetown Bagels 203 N Aurora St

CTB on North Aurora St. is proud to welcome Marika Chew as our local artist. Marika is an artist based in the Ithaca area. She received a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2010. Her work is inspired by art nouveau motifs and world textile designs and often features animals from the local area and beyond. She works primarily in watercolor with occasional touches of gouache. Her work is for sale at local craft shows and shops and at her Etsy Store. When not making art, or catching up on sleep after a long night of making art, Marika spends any remaining free time reading as many books as possible. There will be complimentary coffee and refreshments for all of Marika’s guests.

February 3rd: Breathe

breathe kayla and kodi.png

Breathe 171 E State St

Kodi Molyneaux & Kayla Darling

Kayla Darling and Kodi Molyneaux find expression through painting using watercolor and acrylic paint. All of the pieces are done collaboratively when both girls have spare time. They find painting a colorful way to de-stress their lives.

February 3rd: Handwork


Handwork 102 W State St

Jewelry for your Sweetheart: Beading Techniques with Julie Knittel

Julie Knittel creates intricate beaded jewelry designs that are sure to swoon your Valentine.

Watch Julie demonstrate the process behind an ‘xoxo’ bracelet, double zig-zag bracelet, and a beaded choker necklace with ribbon. Finished pieces will be available for purchase.

Julie uses a variety of materials such as Japanese seed beads, semi precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and mother of pearl to create her work.

Snacks and hot cocoa provided.

February 3rd: Hilton Garden Inn

hilton warner.jpg

Hilton Garden Inn 130 Seneca St

Jessica Warner, Moving Forward, Looking Back

A selection of paintings by Jessica Warner from various points in her painting practice. Spanning nearly 15 years, this group of paintings is an opportunity to explore themes that continue to resurface over years of  painting.

February 3rd: New Roots Charter School

new roots craig mains.jpg

New Roots Charter School 116 North Cayuga Street

Craig Mains, Snake | Alligator | Elevator

“My toddler refers to all elevators as alligators, for him I am converting the non-functioning historic steam elevator into an inverted diorama with pythons and alligators, reptiles battling to be top predator in the Everglades.” Opening reception sound for installation created by musician Billy Coté.