February 3rd: Breathe

breathe kayla and kodi.png

Breathe 171 E State St

Kodi Molyneaux & Kayla Darling

Kayla Darling and Kodi Molyneaux find expression through painting using watercolor and acrylic paint. All of the pieces are done collaboratively when both girls have spare time. They find painting a colorful way to de-stress their lives.

February 3rd: Handwork


Handwork 102 W State St

Jewelry for your Sweetheart: Beading Techniques with Julie Knittel

Julie Knittel creates intricate beaded jewelry designs that are sure to swoon your Valentine.

Watch Julie demonstrate the process behind an ‘xoxo’ bracelet, double zig-zag bracelet, and a beaded choker necklace with ribbon. Finished pieces will be available for purchase.

Julie uses a variety of materials such as Japanese seed beads, semi precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and mother of pearl to create her work.

Snacks and hot cocoa provided.

February 3rd: Hilton Garden Inn

hilton warner.jpg

Hilton Garden Inn 130 Seneca St

Jessica Warner, Moving Forward, Looking Back

A selection of paintings by Jessica Warner from various points in her painting practice. Spanning nearly 15 years, this group of paintings is an opportunity to explore themes that continue to resurface over years of  painting.

February 3rd: New Roots Charter School

new roots craig mains.jpg

New Roots Charter School 116 North Cayuga Street

Craig Mains, Snake | Alligator | Elevator

“My toddler refers to all elevators as alligators, for him I am converting the non-functioning historic steam elevator into an inverted diorama with pythons and alligators, reptiles battling to be top predator in the Everglades.” Opening reception sound for installation created by musician Billy Coté.

February 3rd: Cellar d’Or

cellar dor sampson.jpg

Cellar d’Or 136 E State St

Michael Sampson, Paintings on Paper

This series of paintings on paper use multiple mediums ranging from oils, acrylic, ink, watercolor and gouache. Abstracted directly from the figure, these small scale works were completed over the course of the last year.

February 3rd: State of the Art Gallery

SOAG capobianco.jpg

Rails to Trails, a photograph by Eva Capobianco

State of the Art Gallery 120 W State St

Art in Tompkins County–Then and Now

Gallery artists continue to exhibit art that represents Ithaca’s past and present to celebrate Tompkins County’s Bicentennial. Show dates are February 1 through 26, 2017.

Reception for the artists, Friday, February 3, 5-8pm.  Hours:  Wed. – Fri., 12-6pm and Sat. & Sun., 12-5pm. 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr. / State St. with curbside parking and handicap accessibility. Contact info:  607-277-1626 and http://www.soagithaca.org

February 3rd: Sacred Root Kava Lounge and Tea Bar

sacred root damaris.jpg

Sacred Root Kava Lounge and Tea Bar 103 South Geneva St

Damaris Vazquez Photography, Sensuality of Image

An image is a gateway of self. A seed in this exploration of fine-art nude portraiture. As a professional photographer, Damaris Vazquez communicates in many visual languages to tend to the garden of the sensual spirit. February celebrates love, but we do always, please come enjoy the image offerings this season.