December 2: Buffalo Street Books

buffalo street gant.jpg

Buffalo Street Books The Dewitt Mall, 215 N Cayuga St

Alice Gant, Very Long Books.

An exhibit especially for collectors of one-of-a-kind books.  Alice Gant’s painted, stitched narrations about “things we love,” calls for careful scrutiny and leisurely enjoyment.  The very long books are expandable.


December 2: Handwork


Handwork 102 W State St

Make your own poinsettia gift tag with Handwork artist Caroline Spellman. Get an introduction to paper quilling and try your hand at this historic art form.

As Bob Nagel creates his charming holiday ornaments in-store, learn about the tools and technique of chip carving from start to finish.

December 2: Cellar d’Or

cellar dor charles.jpg

Cellar d’Or 136 The Commons

Group Show

Featuring: Gabe Carraher, Chris Charles, Michael Goscinsky, Ivy Stevens-Gupta, Kathy Morris, Andrew Paine, Rachel Philipson, Michael Sampson, and Sheryl Sinkow.

December 2: Decorum Too

decorumtoo terry plater.jpg

Decorum Too Dewitt Mall 215 N Cayuga St

France, for Art’s sake

This exciting exhibit displays the work of five participants in Terry Plater’s annual artists and art-lovers’ retreat and workshop to France.  See oils, prints, photos, and mixed media work done by Judy Barringer, Edie Guo, Lina Lee, Alan Nemcek Terry Plater.

December 2: The Ink Shop


The Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Branch Press 330 E State St, 2nd floor of CSMA building

19th Mini-Print International 11/4 – 1/20
This show invites artists from around the world to submit prints no larger than 4”x 4”. A juried selection of the submitted prints for the 19th Mini Print International will be exhibited at The Ink Shop in 2016. Our recent Mini Print shows have attracted artists from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand as well as many artists from the United States.

The Exhibition has been held bi-annually since 1985 and was founded and directed by Bev McLean who sought to challenge artists and provide an affordable form in which international art could be brought together. The exhibitions have toured throughout the US and abroad. The Ink Shop was a host of the 16th, 17th, 18th exhibits and is now organizing the 19th and following exhibits.

December 2: Padma Center for Natural Therapies

padma yvonne fisher.jpg

Padma Center for Natural Therapies 114 W Buffalo St

Ecstatic Drawings: playful and bold, primitive and sophisticated, abstract and representational.

Yvonne Fisher is a Psychotherapist, writer, performer, and visual artist.
“I have been doodling all my life and in recent years i have taken it up a notch. I still draw with markers but now I turn my a wirls into themes of people, landscapes, and, sometimes fish, as well as abstract designs. I am in love with color and patterns and mandalas.”

For info on purchasing a drawing, please send email to