April 7: The Studio

the studio.png

The Studio 171 E State St, Lower level of Center Ithaca

Join us for an evening of films about coffee and then sip some local brews at The Studio. Featuring Guatemalan mountains and Ecuadorian rainforests, these films share origins with some of the coffee you’ll drink. As you taste coffee from local roasters like Gimme! Coffee, Ithaca Coffee Company, and Argueta’s Coffee, follow the cherry’s journey from farm, to hand, to bean, to cup.

Seed to Cup (10 minutes, McKinleigh Lair), is a documentary which links Guatemalan coffee farmers to American coffee lovers by analyzing the economic challenges behind brewing specialty coffee. Coffee in the Cloud Forest (10 minutes, Daniel Masciari and Jacob Beil), focuses on a community trying to save its watershed from the threat of mining by helping farmers grow and sell coffee sustainably. Both films were produced by Ithaca College students and supported by The Studio and Park Productions.

The Studio is a screening, production and business incubator for students who want to produce content for the entertainment industry. Park Productions is a video production company staffed by students which over the past 50 years has produced documentaries,features,shorts,and museum exhibits for local and international audiences.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IthacaCollegeTheStudio/

Website https://www.icthestudio.org/


April 7: Sunny Days

Paper bird sculpture.jpg

Sunny Days 123 S Cayuga St

Carla DeMello, Feathered

Carla DeMello is an artist who lives in Ithaca, NY. All her life, she’s worked and played with any material that catches her eye—colorful, sticky, natural, malleable, goopy, or beautiful. When she needed to represent a red-crowned crane for a project, she quickly realized that an origami bird wouldn’t satisfy her flamboyant style. From her experimentation with wire armature, papier-mâché, Sculpey, found twigs and stones, gouache, and cut paper feathers, she discovered a fresh and vibrant way to engage her lifelong passion for birds. Under the persistent guidance of her cat, Woolybear, she went on to make many more bird sculptures, each of them with nearly a thousand individually cut feathers. Each new bird is a delightfully engrossing puzzle, an opportunity to reinvent and refine her process in order to properly honor these amazing and unique creatures.

April 7: Medusa Tattoo Studio

medusa jen lightfoot.jpg

Medusa Tattoo Studio 126 W State St

Jen Lightfoot, Sweet Darkness

Part horror film, part pinup fantasy, Jen Lightfoot’s drawings strive to bring together the grotesque and the erotic in a nightmarish embrace. In ‘Sweet Darkness’ she uses a variety of media to explore the allure of the female body with ambiguous spaces of horror, so that the resulting confusion might then allow viewers to question their sexual attractions and to briefly escape the repercussions that threaten our sexual fantasies. She experiments with the tension between fine line and random ink splatters to think about how the media she employs, along with the subject matter, can also become erotic or grotesque.

March 3: Benjamin Peters

Benjamin Peters 120 E State St

Fred Zappia, Recent Works

I majored in Art History in the late 1960s, did some studio work with acrylics. After graduation decided to pursue an MFA, but my father became disabled and I became responsible for the family business. I retired in 2013, and for the first time in 42 years set up my easel in the garage.

Working initially in oil pastels for several months, I slowly regained control of the drawing and colors, began painting on canvas with oils- primarily figure studies. I struggled, and after several months decided the canvas was too absorbent. My brush strokes disappeared when the paint dried. I preferred working wet-on-wet. I felt I needed a smooth surface. I went to the art store and searched every multi-media pad until I felt the surface of smooth parchment paper. I tried it. It was the answer. I became very comfortable working on that surface. Obviously it is delicate, but I have completed almost 100 paintings in the past 9 months, and no issues yet.

This painting of a Naples fish market comes from an Italian travel book. I have done several other scenes from this book, all with figures involved. This subject was one of my first efforts. Since then I have done sports scenes, street scenes, landscapes, and still lifes. I still gravitate towards figures. I am now 70 years old, regret the lost years in business, but most appreciative of this late opportunity to paint.

March 3: Cellar d’Or

sampson cellar d'or.jpg

Cellar d’Or 136 E State St

Michael Sampson: Paintings on Paper

Done over the course of the last year, these paintings on paper are abstracted from the figure using gesture, shape and line to create images that allude to the figure without becoming representational.

March 3: Community School of Music and Arts

CSMA milly.jpg

Community School of Music and Arts 330 E State St

Chronicling Brief Lives: Botanical Portraits in Watercolor by milly acharya

A retrospective exhibition of works by American Society of Botanical Artists award-winning illustrator, milly acharya. Intimately detailed water colors honor the plants whose lives acharya explores, documents, and portrays.

Join us from 6:30 – 7:00 pm for a Gallery Night talk by the artist, “History and Heroes of Botanical Illustration.” A studio master class taught by acharya on March 18-19 will also accompany this show; see http://www.csma-ithaca.org for info.

March 3: Handwork

Handwork Youth Art.jpg

Handwork 120 W State St

Youth Art Month at Handwork

Join us for a walk-in monoprint workshop for children 5+ and adults who want to play! Workshop is first come first served. We will be using craft paints and plates to create colorful prints to take home with you. Drying time is needed and adult supervision/assistance required.

On display in Handwork’s 3rd room windows: Paintings and drawings by students from Allison DeDominick’s CSMA class. In Allison’s class, students explore the fundamental skills of drawing and painting as well as the styles and techniques of famous artists.