October 6th: Argos Inn

Argos Inn408 East State Street

Ruth Yarrow’s Outdoor Watercolors

Description: This show will feature watercolors all painted on site outdoors, mostly in Tompkins County.  It will be a silent auction for the month of October, a fund raiser for Southside Community Center.  Ruth’s watercolor notecards will also be for sale. Cell: 206-512-0688



October 6th: eye Gallery

eye gallery

eye Gallery, 126 E. State St, 2nd Floor (above Petrune on The Commons)

Urbia: Gary Sczerbaniewicz and Elena Soterakis

In collaboration with Ithaca’s own arts colony – the Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts – eye is featuring two alums from Saltonstall’s prestigious summer residency program.  Gary Sczerbaniewicz (’16) is based in Buffalo, NY. He will be exhibiting 3-dimensional works of architectural spaces that evoke a sense of psychological unease. Elena Soterakis (’12) is based in Brooklyn, NY. She will be exhibiting works that combine oil painting and collage from her “Ecocide” series – a commentary on unchecked consumerism, corporatism, and monoculture.

Urbia: October 6 – November 19

Reception: Friday, October 6 from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

Regular gallery hours: Thurs/Fri 4:00 – 6:00pm, Sat/Sun 12:00 – 5:00pm

All artwork will be available in-house and by appointment.  For more information, visit saltonstall.org/eye-gallery or call 607-539-3146

October 6th: The Ink Shop

The Ink Shop, 330 E State St

Anna Pausch | Muse

Anna Pausch meditates – questioning the relationship between her ever-shifting present, and the mournful and joyous past through the series of en plein air and inspired landscape intaglio prints and paintings. She pulls both inspiration and comfort from past works such as Rembrandt’s Intaglio Landscapes; those created specifically after his wife’s death in 1642.

Big Ink Ithaca 2017

In August 12 artists were brought together by the Ink Shop Printmaking Center and BIG INK who hauled in a 48” x 96” mobile printmaking press to the Ithaca Commons to promote an appreciation for the art of woodcut printmaking. We will be showing the resulting magnificent large woodcut prints this month!

October 6th: Community School of Music and Arts

Community School of Music and Arts, 330 E. State St

Balcón Criollo Ithaca, Presented by CULTURA Ithaca

Balcón Criollo Ithaca is an installation of items collected from the homes of community members from Tompkins County and beyond that connect them to their Latin and Latin American cultures. Items, which can range from common household items to photographs to textiles and clothing, are accompanied by a story of the piece and its significance to the individual, family, or group contributing it. Balcón Criollo Ithaca is organized by CULTURA Ithaca in partnership with CSMA and La Casita Cultural Center in Syracuse, which has had a similar exhibition on display for several years.


Everyone is invited to have their portrait made! WE ARE ITHACA uses the power of photography to engage diverse communities within our city in dialogue and celebration of our complex identity. CSMA will be hosting portrait sessions during Gallery Nights in October and November. It’s fun and free! Learn more atwww.weareithaca.org.

October 6th: The History Center

history center

The History Center 401 E. State St, Suite 100

Artist Talk with Christine Nobles Heller and a Preview of the Opera “Pushed Aside”

In conjunction with First Friday Gallery Night and the new exhibition “Truth is the Only Safe Ground to Stand Upon” Portraits of Suffragists to Celebrate the Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote in NY State, The History Center will feature a 6:00 p.m. presentation by the artist Christine Nobles Heller. After the talk, there will be a preview of the opera “Pushed Aside” by Persis Parshall Vehar and Gabrielle Vehar about Matilda Joslyn Gage, the forgotten suffragist. The Premiere of the opera will be held on January 21, 4 p.m. at Carrier Theater, Civic Center, Syracuse, NY.

October 6th: Barbara Mink

barbary mink

Barbara Mink, 614 North Cayuga Street

“It’s Ithaca Art Trail month! And Gallery Night October 6 is the perfect time for a preview of what I’ll be showing for the month. Sizes range from miniature to huge and everything in between. A 10-minute stroll from the Commons, The Mink Gallery is in the back of 614 North Cayuga Street, a block past Kinney Drug store, right before Yates.”

October 6: Hilton Garden Inn

hilton garden inn

Hilton Garden Inn, 130 Seneca St

“By Faerie Light,” by Rachel Terwilliger

“By Faerie Light” is a showcase of Faerie and fantasy art by Rachel Terwilliger (@rachelillustrates on Instagram, Facebook and deviantArt). Her work expresses Love and connectedness, how through Spirit we are all a part of each other and the world around us. She uses image and story to show the truths of our own world as best she understands them, through Fantasy, Faerie and Fairy Tale. She also expresses themes of identity, self-importance vs. the greater good, body image, beauty, and letting go of the negativity that holds us all back.


Her recent projects include design work for The Cherry Arts’ “The Snow Queen” and a series of book covers for H.M. Barone’s “The Zoey Jane Files.” She is also working on a steampunk/fantasy graphic novel called “Tock the Gnome,” readable in-progress at tockthegnome.com. Prints of her work and original pieces are for sale at rachelillustrates.etsy.com