July 7: Community School of Music and Arts + Southside Community Center

CSMA SSCC the youth

Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) 330 E. MLK /State Street

Southside Community Center (SSCC) 305 S. Plain Street

The Youth, a collaborative two-site exhibition

The Youth celebrates the vibrant culture of local kids and teens in a collaborative project at the Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) and Southside Community Center (SSCC). This two-site exhibition features paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, and poetry. Gallery Night celebrations will include youth performances and a festive procession from CSMA to SSCC! Performances begin at 5:30 PM (CSMA) and 7:00 PM (SSCC); procession departs CSMA at 6:15 PM. Please join us!


July 7: Decorum-Too

decorum too marian van soest.jpg

Decorum-Too 215 N Cayuga St, Dewitt Mall

Marian Van Soest: New Work

July 7: Sunny Days


sunny days josh brooks.jpg

Sunny Days 123 S Cayuga St

Josh Brooks – “Landscapes of Light, a journey through America’s most beautiful places”

Since the day he could hold a camera, Josh has held a passion for seeing and capturing the world around him. Much has changed over the years, but his mindset remains the same — to not only encapsulate a moment, but the feelings and emotions that accompany it. Currently a photography student at Ithaca College, his time outside of Ithaca is spent rock climbing, mountaineering, and hiking: his adventures spanning tens of thousands of miles throughout the country’s most beautiful places. Many of Josh’s photographs reflect the spirit of those endeavors, documenting profound landscapes through an immersive and surreal perspective. These images explore the way light plays off the contours of the landscape, drawing attention to color and form rather than the subject itself. His latest work focuses on the relationship between humans and the environment, often utilizing the outside perspective of an observer — a technique that exposes simple yet beautiful moments that are often overlooked.

July 7: Lot 10

lot 10 alexis santi.jpg

Lot 10 106 S Cayuga St

Alexis Santi: Splatter

Santi’s show, ever so inspired by Jackson Pollock, will be up in the downstairs of Lot 10 through August 31.

July 7: Benjamin Peters

Benjamin Peters 120 E State St

Arnold Bradshaw’s Outsider Art (Folk, Sculpture, Minimalism)

Arnold Bradshaw has landscaped as a profession his entire adult life. At 67 years young he has only just recently started showing several active bodies of work developed over the past three years. All of his work involves recycled or natural materials. Come check out other select pieces at the Grassroots Art Barn in Trumansburg 7/20-7/23!

July 7: Padma Center for Natural Therapies


padma evan yokum.jpg

Padma Center for Natural Therapies 114 W Buffalo St

Evan Yokum: Through my eyes: A collage of Life

The photographs in this exhibit represent a variety of preoccupations Evan has with both natural elements and the human-made world.  Throughout the work there is a strong emphasis in capturing the essence of the subject, through patient and often extended observation.  Whether it be the subtle motion of plant forms or intimate portraits of insects and animals, he strives to create a still image of their personalities.  


His fascination with urban decay imagery goes back nearly fifteen years and is motivated by an interest in history and the remains of what humans leave behind on our planet.  He’s spent countless hours wandering through abandoned buildings in locations throughout the cities of the world. And as a full time Geologist, Evan spends his time exploring and studying interesting minerals and rocks. For more information and a partial but extensive portfolio, please visit his website at: http://www.liquidmoonphotography.com.

July 7: The Ink Shop


The Ink Shop 330 E State St

HereThere | Poetics of Place

Curated by Pamela Drix, HereThere is a combinatory concept that attempts to address the complex relationship between our experience and the world we inhabit.  “There is a fluid interaction between the world of thought and the world of forms. I wanted to find artists who approach some aspect of this complexity in their work.The poetics of place embraces this. Whether such issues of migration, habitation, ecological disaster, covering our bodies, or making structures, these artists grapple with aspects of placedness.”

Please join us July 14th, 5-7pm for an artists’ talk about the poetics of place—with some of the artists, who will be coming from far away places!