February 7th, Eye Gallery


Painting by Suzanne Onodera


126 The Commons

Eye Gallery is back for a one night pop-up at their former space just above Petrune on the Commons. 100% of the proceeds will go to the ACLU and RAICES to help the children, women, and men at our southern borders.  Over 50 international and local artists, jewelers, and artisans have donated their work to support this important cause, as have several musicians who are on board to play that evening. 

Contact: eye_ithaca@gmail.com.

February 7th, Hilton Garden Inn

FluorescentEnlightenmentSmallHilton Garden Inn | ithaca.hgi.com

130 E. Seneca St.

Bryan Root

I don’t really know what my art is about. I see certain emerging themes: apocalyptic science fiction ideation, a sense of something huge and possibly ominous waiting beneath or above the mundane horizon. But to say  I set out to make those things would place the cart before the horse.

I’ve done photography and photoshop consistently, as an adjunct to my web and film work. But recently I felt a need for a more immediate creative outlet, unmitigated technology, something physical, like dance, and I started doing very free, Jackson Pollock-like paintings. I haven’t painted on canvas since undergraduate art school, and it was like coming home. Some of the imagery that comes out of my painting and photoshop process overlaps my writing and web design at spacerex.com.spacerex.com. Some of it is pure abstraction. I hope you find it interesting.

Painting is called ” “Fluorescent Enlightenment”

February 7th, Ithacamade



Dewitt Mall

Local Love- Ithacamade celebrates Local and Valentines Day with a show of Heart themed work by many of our artists. Refreshments, demonstrations, live music in the Dewitt Mall and Wide Awake Bakery Breadshare. XOXO

February 7th, Handwork


Handwork |handwork.coop

102 West MLK Jr/State Street

Unwind with a relaxing diy craft evening at Handwork. Make your own unique cut paper, painted, or decoupage Valentine cards using a few simple materials and easy to follow steps. Make one, or a few! Snacks, hot coca and refreshments provided.

February 7th, The Kitchen Theatre


 Kitchen Theatre Company / Judith Holliday Lobby Gallery, 417 W. MLK, Jr. Street | kitchentheatre.org

Up is Down

Stiller Zusman is currently the resident scenic artist for the Kitchen Theatre.  She comes to theater having been making images and objects for over 30 years. Her work follows her fascination with visual anomalies, woven shapes, edges, water, precarious balance and visual space. Her artwork has been shown internationally, in private collections, commissions and public installations of sculpture.  She has an MFA in Sculpture (1983) as well as a Masters in  Clinical Art therapy (1986).  She taught sculpture and painting at SUNY Cortland. Her own teaching studio called Abovoagogo was on Seneca Street around the block from the theater for many years.
Image is Bottom of Ponds  24” x 60”  acrylic on canvas 2019


February 7th, New Roots Charter School

IMG20200120093726New Roots Charter School | newrootsschool.org

116 N. Cayuga St.

Student Trip to Costa Rica Benefit Show

My name is Enrique Miranda, I am here in Ithaca for a year and then I’ll go back to Spain, my home country, in the meantime I want to offer Ithaca a part of myself. All the art offered is original, handmade and produced in a non industrial manner, all the drawings and paintings are the originals. I am specialized in animal/creature design, and my mother, Cristina Garcia-Fresca made the awesome watercolor paintings. All the economic benefits we get from this art sale is going to our Costa Rica trip, organized by the Spanish IV class at New Roots Charter School, so know that your money is going to be used wisely. We are also happy to accept any donations you want to contribute to this amazing opportunity!

February 7th, State of the Art Gallery

For the love of art graphic

State of the Art Gallery |soagithaca.org

120 West State/MLK Jr. Street

February marks the second Members’ Show of 2020 at the gallery—”For the Love of Art.” Showing will be:  Jane Dennis, Frances Fawcett, Saundra Goodman, Patricia Hunsinger, Jan Kather, Susan Larkin, Alicia Sanguiliano, David Watkins, Jr., and Connie Zehr. On exhibit will be sculpture, fiber art, photography, drawing, and prints. A reception for the artists will be held Friday, February 7, 5-8pm. In addition, exhibiting members will hold an informal discussion at the gallery in February. Each artist will talk briefly about their work and then invite questions, comments and discussion from visitors. The event is free and open to the public. TBA so check our website for an update. Show dates are February 5-March 1, 2020. The gallery is located at 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street with curbside parking and ADA accessibility. Hours: Wed.-Fri., 12-6pm and Sat. and Sun., 12-5pm. Contact info: 607-277-1626 and www.soagithaca.org