May 5: Decorum-Too

sue hertz decorum too.jpg

Decorum-Too 215 N Cayuga Street, The DeWitt Mall

Sue Hertz, Views from Here and There

This show comprises an array of oil paintings of different sizes depicting local and non-local scenes.  The magical parks in our Fingerlakes region are featured in many, as I’m fascinated by the interplay of the rocks and water and how the same landscape can completely transform depending on the season and weather conditions. My paintings capitalize on the versatility of oil paints, which can be applied thick or thin to achieve a range of effects. In my other life, I am a speech synthesis researcher particularly interested in the acoustic cues through which people perceive and comprehend speech.  I see these cues as analogous to the contrasting colors and textures that I use to bring my paintings to life.

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May 5: New Roots Charter School

rosy glos new roots.jpg

New Roots Charter School 116 N Cayuga St

Art Through The Ages. Organized by Ella Leons-Evans and Alec Mutti

New Roots students 9 through 12 grades with display artwork from their Studio Art, Painting, Urban Arts, Drawing and Sculpture classes.

Artwork images by former NRS student Rosy Glos

May 5: Press Cafe

press cafe ken hill

Press Cafe 118 W Green St

Recent Digital Collage Work by Ken C. Hill

My collage work merges, blends, and weaves digital photographic images I’ve taken around Ithaca and the surrounding areas over the past few years, forming them after my own dream-like vision. My visual language includes insects & plant life, buildings, natural settings, waterways, night scenes, starscapes, seasonal change, and characters I create to inhabit my magical/unreality-infused reinterpretation of everyday objects and places.

I created these images almost entirely on my Android smartphone, relying on portability and ease of use, supplemented with a mixed set of inexpensive clip-on lenses. These vary from a wide-angle fish-eye lens, to macro-scale magnifiers, to telescopic. I want to show that compelling visual stories can be told without spending thousands on specialized gear and dedicated facilities, but with what has become a widely-available, economically necessary, and at-hand everyday life tool.

I invite observers to contemplate both the engaging visual tales presented in the images as well as the process and improvised rituals behind the creation of each one.


May 5: Tompkins County Public Library

Tompkins County Public Library 101 East Green Street  

Mapping Tompkins:  A Community Exhibit

A commemorative project designed to showcase, for our and future generations, what it means to live, work and study in Tompkins County. Local residents were asked to illustrate a pre-printed map of Tompkins County, highlighting the places that are important in their lives– from where to find the best ice cream to where you met your spouse, to the places you play, worship, shop or explore.  At 6 pm in the Borg Warner Room, we will also have a reading of Carol Kammen’s “9 Towns and a City”, a play about how our county was formed.  Part of the Tompkins County Bicentennial.

More Than A Book:  Works by Janet Edwards,  Kumi Korf, Lee-Ellen Marvin,  Maude Rith, Laura Robert, Teresa Yatsko; and books from the collections of Susan Currie and Tom Burns. Curated by Maude Rith.

Books can be more than the physical holder of a story or of information: they can contain the memories of its owner: of their childhood, of the mother who read that book to them, of the lover who gave the book.  They are also inspirations for art forms such as the altered book. This exhibit explores what books are and the forms they can take.  Displayed through June.

May 5: Sunny Days

benn nadelman sunny days.jpg

Sunny Days 123 S Cayuga St

McGraw House Creates!

McGraw House, a Senior Residential Center in the heart of downtown Ithaca, has its share of creative people.  Artists working in oils, acrylics, watercolors, collage, photography and mask creation were among the twenty-two residents sharing in a recent in-house exhibit – a sampling of which will be on display for this month’s First Friday art walk.  While some people have worked at their craft all their lives, others have discovered an outlet for their creativity only in recent years.  Come and see these varied and stimulating works of art.

May 5: Kitchen Theatre

john lyon paul kitchen theatre.jpg

Kitchen Theatre 514 W State St

Mirage: Paintings by John Lyon Paul

John’s paintings emerge from a kinesthetic awareness also evident in his sculptures. His use of color and line, with their pulse, vibration, and rhythms, invite the viewer to enter and travel them.

May 5: State of the Art Gallery

nelson and zehr SOAG.jpg

State of the Art Gallery 120 W State St

Margaret Nelson, EPHEMERA

Based on an ephemeral process, suminagashi, that results in a monotype (a print that exists as only a single copy); and she played on the idea of the transience of intellectual life to create the texts that accompany her prints.

Connie Zehr, ECHO

A small glass and sand pedestal installation, is the photographed object she’s used to develop multiple panel prints. The reflections in the glass canes and spheres are the subject of this series of images. This group of prints continues her interest in the connection between the image and the object.
Show dates: May 3-28, 2015 with a reception Gallery Night, Friday, May 5, 5-8pm. Hours:  Wed.-Fri., 12-6pm and Sat. & Sun., 12-5pm. 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street with curbside 607-277-1626 and parking and ADA