August 4: Hilton Garden Inn

Watercolors by Bill Mowson

Hilton Garden Inn 130 E Seneca St

Finger Lakes Watercolors by Bill Mowson and Turtle Island Pottery by David Kingsbury.

Bill Mowson has traveled around and painted the Finger Lakes area since 2002 and still feels like the surface has barely been scratched. Each lake is subtly different from the others and if you look carefully, you will see that Bill’s color palette often varies accordingly with the lake.

David Kingsbury, also known as “Turtle Island Pottery” creates one of a kind pieces which add elegance and ease to daily life. David has been making pots since 1969. He strives to surround himself with good energy for making good pots. Bill Mowson and David Kingsbury are artist members of Handwork, Ithaca’s Artisan Cooperative.


August 4: Mink Gallery

barbara mink

The Mink Gallery 614 S Cayuga St

“Emotional Landscapes” by Barbara Mink

Paintings from “Vanished Kingdoms” series and new work on canvas and paper.

Stop by between 5-8pm at 614 North Cayuga, up the driveway, behind the house. Plenty of street parking and a 10 minute walk downtown.

August 4: Buffalo Street Books


Buffalo Street Books, 215 N Cayuga St, Dewitt Mall

Elizabeth Alexander  (LadyLizardLuck)

Super Soul : Back to the Bones

This series is inspired by Arizona sunsets, Lousiana bayous, Colorado mountains and all of the love, heartbreak & places in between. 70,000 miles to be exact, in the last 4 years and aboard the trustiest of steeds, Miss Jane Honda. The pieces are done in acrylic, free handed and self taught.

Ithaca native, LadyLizardLuck is new to creating permanent art beyond diner napkins or crumpled paper and is excited to share her perspective with all of you.

She hopes to make your eyeballs happy and your hearts full. Please enjoy.

August 4: Press Cafe

Press Cafe 118 W Green St

“The Passing of Time” by Rebecca Day Cutter

“In the landscape of my childhood there was a fence that measured the passing of time. How many times did I walk along this fence with each post pitched in its own direction until it inevitably succumbed to gravity?”

Rebecca’s mixed media drawings are inspired by the beautiful, surprising and unique ways humans interact with their environment.

August 4: State of the Art Gallery

lotus SOAG

State of the Art Gallery 120 W State St

Juxtaposition of Light and Texture, a photography exhibition by Nancy Ridenour

Nancy says that she has many photographic subjects: flowers found in her garden, Florida birds in their natural habitats and abstractions of both the cement sculptures in the Cornell Arboretum and Manhattan Cityscapes.

A reception for the artist will be held Friday, August 4, 5-8pm, Gallery Night in downtown Ithaca. Show dates: August 2-27, 2017. State of the Art is at 120 W Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street; curbside parking with ADA accessibility. Hours: Wed. – Fri., 12-6pm and Sat. & Sun., 12-5pm. Contact info: 607-277-1626 and

August 4: Handwork

Bird jar _ chet

Handwork 102 W State St

Pottery Demonstration by Chet Salustri

Handwork artist Chet Salustri will be throwing several different clay forms on the pottery wheel, such as vases, cups, bowls and planters. He will also be showing how to make handles and demonstrating how he creates his signature face cups. Chet has been a member at Handwork for over 20 years, and is inspired by elements of nature, animals, fish and the human figure with a touch of humor in each piece. Come meet Chet and learn about his playful work. Snacks and refreshments provided.

August 4: eye Gallery

plater poster

eye Gallery 126 E State St

In Family Values, Terry Plater, a contemporary classicist will premiere a dozen new oil paintings and charcoal drawings celebrating familial bonds and how personal, yet universal they are.

Show opens at eye Gallery on August 4th at 5pm, ending the 27th. Live music and treats abound. 126 e. State St., 2nd fl.