February 7th, Community School of Music and Arts


Community School of Music and Arts |csma-ithaca.org

330 East MLK/ State Street

DWELLiNG in MY SouL//////Black, the color

A two-person show of Paintings and Prints by Colleen Shelton and Charlotte Ghiorse a.k.a. House of ChoCLeT. Loosely associated riffs on the comfort of the color Black and our tribal experience of identifying with and being connected to our dwelling places. The Business of Adorning ourselves with our home, and wearing our home in the outfit. Identity as a form of protection. Subject to personal interpretation. Colleen’s Prints and Paintings of Masks are very personal and playful images relating to identity. She uses her own image as a template. Charlotte’s Paintings are about being a wandering soul and feeling like she doesn’t belong anywhere, as well as Voyeurism, Identity, belonging to a place and Day Dreaming, the void… and the safety of the color Black.

February 7th, Sew Green

Crazy Quilt

Sew Green | sewgreen.org

112 N. Cayuga St.

Crazy Quilt Exhibit

From Victorian times to present-day, crazy quilt makers have sewn a mix of fabrics such as velvet and satin in unique asymmetrical designs. The show includes new and old examples, an illustrated timeline, and a hands-on demo of how to start a crazy quilt.

February 7th, PADMA Center


PADMA Center for Natural Therapies |padmacenter.com

Ann Kinner Johnson – Subtle Energy Expressions

Ann has recently returned to making art following 20 years of teaching yoga and meditation. She uses “oops” house paint and a variety of techniques to create intuitive abstracts. Abstracts that to her express the flow and structure of subtle energy fields that surround us and characterize us.

February 7th, Sacred Root Kava Lounge

JoAnn Kingsley

Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar |sacredrootkava.com

103 S. Geneva St.

JoAnn Kingsley- Drawing Relationships

JoAnn Kingsley, MPS, LMT is inspired by relationships. This exhibit of her retrospective show, Drawing Relationships, coincides with the awakening of many. Relationships are taking new form and energies mix and twist as we learn to go with the flow. A half-time Community and Human Services faculty/mentor with SUNY Empire State College, JoAnn is excited to share her enthusiasm for SUNY Empire’s statewide Health and Wellness Initiative. JoAnn is also known for her role as the volunteer coordinator for the Grassroots Festival Healing Arts for coming up on 25 years in July.

The attached image, acrylic on canvas is entitled: Emotions, Body, Spirit, Psyche – 4 part harmony

February 7th, Your CBD Store

donovan 3

Your CBD Store |cbdrx4u.com

308 E. Seneca St.

Kathy Donovan |www.kathydonovan.squarespace.com

Over the past 20 years Kathy Donovan has explored the human landscape through clay, paint, printmaking and other drawing mediums, while also working on abstract expressionist compositions with paint and canvas. Her study of the Jungian creative unconscious, archetypes and dreams along with her enthusiasm of the science of quantum physics have inspired her to incorporate personal dream imagery / energy within her compositions. This personal mythology is drawn out by the inspiration alternating between the study of the figurative form and abstract expressionism. Her compositions often collide as the abstraction becomes figurative, and the figurative reveals abstraction

February 7th, Sue Hertz Fine Art


Sue Hertz Fine Art http://www.suehertzfineart.com/

Dewitt Mall, First Floor, 215 N. Cayuga St., Ithaca (one flight up from Moosewood Restaurant, halfway down the hall)

 “Scenes from Here and There”

At my art space you will find an array of oil paintings depicting local scenes as well as scenes from my travels. You will also find a series of photographs of Cayuga Lake at its best. Water is featured in many of my works, as I’m fascinated by its ever-changing interplay of colors, textures, and movements. My art space is also where, in my other life, I carry on my speech synthesis endeavors. I am intrigued by the similarities in how humans perceive the visual and auditory world around them. In both of my endeavors, I strive to create the appropriate cues (contrasts, intensities, etc.) to effectively render my intent, be it in the form of a painting or synthetic utterance.



February 7th, Buffalo Books UpstART Gallery

UpstartGallery_02.2020 v5

UpstART Gallery @ Buffalo Books

215 N. Cayuga Street-Dewitt Mall

UpstART Gallery Pop Up features four local artists with four different approaches to creating some of the most innovative and contemporary art in Ithaca.  Grand Opening Reception on Gallery Night, Friday, February 7, 5-8pm. Barb Behrmann creates one-of-a-kind art quilts and mixed media collage (https://www.artquiltsbybarb.com/).  Hobit Lafaye’s photography focuses on breathtaking nature scenes that are anything but ordinary (https://shootingwaterstudio.zenfolio.com/). Rachel Philipson captures abstract photographs from her travels both near and far (https://www.rachelphilipson.com/.  Ivy Stevens-Gupta’s abstract acrylic and resin paintings are colorful and imaginative (http://www.ivycreativedesigns.com/).

Grand Opening Reception on Gallery Night, February 7, 5-8pm. Wine and light refreshments. Normal business hours: Sun.-Wed. 10-6pm and Thurs.-Sat. 10-7pm.  Exhibit open all month-right next to Buffalo Street Books.