September 1: New Roots Charter School

Tommy BeersNew Roots Charter School 116 N Cayuga St   


Tommy Beers: Watercolors


Tommy Beers, 69, a local Ithaca resident for 29 years, a Baha’i, a painter, and a biking enthusiast, recently this summer, completed a two-month solo ride from Seattle to Ithaca.

All along the way he stopped and painted watercolors of the landscape and his beloved old vehicles. But at heart, this was a spiritual quest for Beer’s, full of surprise, kindness and inspiration from the people he met on his journey. This artwork is a document of his encounters along the way.


September 1: CAP ArtSpace

CAP ArtSpace

CAP ArtSpace, 171 E State St, inside Center Ithaca

CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Extraordinaire!, and Exhibit

 Gallery Night kicks off the Community Arts Partnership’s month long “CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Extraordinaire!” The CAP ArtSpace will feature donated work from both local artists and folks who are downsizing their art collection. Doors open at 5pm on Gallery Night. The sale continues through September 28th.  Visit to learn more.  Thank you to the Tompkins Trust Company for their 2017 sponsorship of the CAP ArtSpace.

August 4: Ithaca Marriott Downtown on The Commons

marriott ivy stevens.png

Marriott Downtown On The Commons 120 S Aurora St

Perfect Imperfections

Abstract paintings are especially dynamic when forms are recognized as originating in nature. Ithaca’s own award-winning, contemporary artist and color theorist Ivy Stevens-Gupta’s newest work is inspired by the beauty of Cayuga lake and the flora of Tompkins county. Her playful and petite paintings pay attention to how we often overlook images on a cellular level. Her trio of orange paintings (pictured below) illustrate the organic, perfect imperfections that make nature breathtaking. Her style of painting encompasses many different techniques and multiple layers of inks, polymers, acrylic and oil paints and canvas and birch board.

Sit down, get comfortable and sip a cocktail while gazing at Stevens-Gupta’s colorful paintings displayed on the built-in bookcases of the Marriott lobby. Exhibit runs August 4-31. To see more of Ivy Stevens-Gupta’s work visit her website: and or her studio during the greater Ithaca art trail in October or by appointment. Her work can be found in several books on International Contemporary artists.



August 4: Sunny Days

Waldorf style blocks

Sunny Days 123 S Cayuga St

Joe Sabara, It Takes a Village            

Please join us for this very special show to help support (i.e., earn quick money) for one of our beloved artists, Joe Sabara. At my encouragement, Joe has allowed me to share with you all that he and his wife have been struggling recently due to medical bills not covered by insurance. He had total shoulder replacement surgery 12 weeks ago and hasn’t been able to work for that time. And now, when he should be about healed and able to work again, he has learned about a return of skin cancer and needs to start an expensive (out-of-pocket) topical Chemotherapy treatment program as soon as his shoulder is healed. Joe is a maker. We especially love how he takes existing items and turns them into beautiful, fun, and interesting art… Industrial-style jewelry made from nuts & bolts, garden sculptures made from plates and bowls, wall art from reclaimed barn wood, Waldorf style building blocks from wood scraps, and more! 100% of Joe’s sales while his work is on display through August will go to help support his medical challenges. Thank you in advance for your support!

August 4: Hilton Garden Inn

Watercolors by Bill Mowson

Hilton Garden Inn 130 E Seneca St

Finger Lakes Watercolors by Bill Mowson and Turtle Island Pottery by David Kingsbury.

Bill Mowson has traveled around and painted the Finger Lakes area since 2002 and still feels like the surface has barely been scratched. Each lake is subtly different from the others and if you look carefully, you will see that Bill’s color palette often varies accordingly with the lake.

David Kingsbury, also known as “Turtle Island Pottery” creates one of a kind pieces which add elegance and ease to daily life. David has been making pots since 1969. He strives to surround himself with good energy for making good pots. Bill Mowson and David Kingsbury are artist members of Handwork, Ithaca’s Artisan Cooperative.

August 4: Mink Gallery

barbara mink

The Mink Gallery 614 S Cayuga St

“Emotional Landscapes” by Barbara Mink

Paintings from “Vanished Kingdoms” series and new work on canvas and paper.

Stop by between 5-8pm at 614 North Cayuga, up the driveway, behind the house. Plenty of street parking and a 10 minute walk downtown.

August 4: Buffalo Street Books


Buffalo Street Books, 215 N Cayuga St, Dewitt Mall

Elizabeth Alexander  (LadyLizardLuck)

Super Soul : Back to the Bones

This series is inspired by Arizona sunsets, Lousiana bayous, Colorado mountains and all of the love, heartbreak & places in between. 70,000 miles to be exact, in the last 4 years and aboard the trustiest of steeds, Miss Jane Honda. The pieces are done in acrylic, free handed and self taught.

Ithaca native, LadyLizardLuck is new to creating permanent art beyond diner napkins or crumpled paper and is excited to share her perspective with all of you.

She hopes to make your eyeballs happy and your hearts full. Please enjoy.