December 6th, Your CBD Store

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Your CBD Store|

308 E. Seneca St.

Frank Leahy- Recent Works

Artist Frank Leahy’s “Ice Bench Experiment” is a photographic celebration of color, light and emotion. This yearly project takes place in the artist’s yard during the winter months. Lights and ice are placed on a rustic bench, exposed to the elements and photographed daily, especially at night. Works are presented unfiltered, manipulated or cropped. Frank refers to his work as “abstract-reality” reflecting his documentation of an actual moment in time and space that he beholds and composes through the lens.

December 6th, Benjamin Peters



Benjamin Peters|

 120 The Commons

Mariellen VanDyke Brown-Paper Snowflake Art 

 Snow in Ithaca isn’t all bad – come warm up and embrace the season by cutting paper snowflakes! Artist Mariellen VanDyke Brown will have 20+ paper snowflake patterns for you to try out, and will be available to help with folding & cutting. Her snowflake patterns include Unicorn, Bear, Snowman, Penguin, Christmas Tree, Reindeer, and more. She will also be signing copies of her new book, SNOW, which tells of all the fun things you can do in the snow, illustrated through hand-cut paper snowflakes. See more at

December 6th, Community Arts Partnership, CAP ArtSpace


Community Arts Partnership, CAP ArtSpace|

110 N. Tioga St.

CAP-a-Palooza Vintage Art Sale Extraordinaire

 Come to the kickoff of CAP’s annual “CAP-a-Palooza Vintage Art Sale Extraordinaire” on Gallery Night. You’ll find over 300 pieces of previously owned special, beautiful, and vintage art donated by community members. Work is priced so that everything sells in 3 days (unlike previous years when this was a month-long event. We’ve also moved the event to December to capture the holiday gift buying spirit.) Sale Hours: Friday (Gallery Night), December 6: 5pm to 8pm; Saturday, December 7: 10am to 5pm, Sunday, December 8: 10am to 5pm. (If you’d like to donate art before December 2nd, e-mail (If you’d like to come to our VIP preview event on Thursday, December 5th, visit to find out how to become a donor “advocate!”) We thank the Tompkins Trust Company for sponsoring our CAP ArtSpace year round!

December 6th,Tompkins County Public Library


Tompkins County Public Library|

 101 E. Green St.

Celebrate ReUse 2!

Submitted work in this exhibit will incorporate materials that would otherwise be thrown away. This show is a partnership of TCPL and the Ithaca ReUse Center. Artists: Victoria Romanoff, Alice Muhlback, Alice Gant Diane Colman, Robin Tropper-Herbel,  Emily Sullivan, Clari Pennels, Teresa Yatsko, Nancy Malina, Eva M. Capobianco, Laura Robert, Maude Rith.

 Ithaca Giant Revealed!

At 6:30 pm CAP Artist-in-community Scott Hitz will reveal his giant Ithaca Giant Puppet.


A mixed-media work by a team of 12- and 13-year old youths, reflecting on what they learned about migration and international friendship during the summer of 2019.

 Sneakers, Skateboards and Toys Collection

Local artist Jay Stooks will be displaying rare Sneakers, skateboards and toys and other related artifacts from his private collection.

December 6th, Kitchen Theatre Company / Judith Holliday Lobby Gallery



Kitchen Theatre Company / Judith Holliday Lobby Gallery|

 417 W. MLK, Jr. St.

Stiller Zusman- Up Is Down

Stiller Zusman is currently the resident scenic artist for the Kitchen Theatre.  She comes to theater having been making images and objects for over 30 years. Her work follows her fascination with visual anomalies, woven shapes, edges, water, precarious balance and visual space. Her artwork has been shown internationally, in private collections, commissions and public installations of sculpture.  She has an MFA in Sculpture (1983) as well as a Masters in Clinical Art therapy (1986).  She taught sculpture and painting at SUNY Cortland. Her own teaching studio called Abovoagogo was on Seneca Street around the block from the theater for many years.


November 1st,The Brain Shoppe


The Brain Shoppe, 210 E. State St.

Stan Bowman-App-Stracts

I grew up in California, USA, received a BA in Architecture in 1964, and a MFA in photography from the University of New Mexico in 1973. Following graduation I was appointed as a professor at Cornell University in the Art Department where I taught photography and digital imaging for almost 30 years. In 1999 I retired to pursue my career as an artist full time.

My works have been exhibited nationally and internationally for over 40 years as a photographer, painter, and digital artist. My artwork is in such collections as the San Francisco Museum of Art, Bibiliotech National in Paris, German Photographic Society, and many other locations.

I consider myself currently to be a digital montage artist as I assemble images digitally. Sometimes I use photo’s and sometimes I create in a program on the computer from scratch. I have used a flatbed scanner extensively to scan objects digitally with high resolutions into a computer where I enhance their visual characteristics. I then digitally collage and layer these scans in Adobe Photoshop, adding, altering and collaging for emphasis and interest. Recently I have been creating shaped artworks composed of layers of ink jet giclee prints on canvas, sometimes stretched on wood frames and more recently glued down on a new plastic sheeting material.

November 1st,Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA)



Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) 330 E. MLK Jr./ State St.

      Hilando Fino / Finespun

    José Buenaventura González and Paulina Velázquez Solís

    A dialogue between traditional and contemporary textile art 

 Un diálogo entre obras de arte textil tradicional y contemporáneo 

One medium and two very different artists, both stemming from the deep, complex roots of Latin American culture. Hilando Fino / Finespun brings together the textile works of master weaver and organic dyer José Buenaventura González, an indigenous Zapotec artist from Oaxaca, Mexico, and Mexican-Costa Rican visual artist Paulina Velázquez Solís. Their work engages us in a conversation that explores the human relationship with nature and history, and the interplay of permanence and change in the lived experiences of the artists as individuals and as members of the larger indigenous and mestizo, Mexican and Central American, Latin American and American, globalized communities of which they are part.

Please join us on Gallery Night at 6:00 PM for a guided tour of the exhibition lead by the artists, and at 7:00 PM for a special presentation in celebration of the Day of the Dead / Día de Muertos. Hosted by Cultura! and the Latino Civic Association of Tompkins County.