September 6th, CAP

Jeff Milstein_ Southwest Boeing 737-700 Maryland One (LTR)

CAP, 110 N. Tioga St

Group Exhibit: Aviation!

Local photographer Jon Reis is curating “Aviation,” a collections of spectacular photographs of airports and airplanes. The exhibit features Jon’s photos of aircraft hangars where aviators live and work with their airplanes.  Also on exhibit is the work of three other photographers: Joe Pries, who has traveled the world photographing airliners landing, taking off with intriguing backgrounds, Jim Thrash, who is documenting the tails of Frontier Airplanes at Will Rodgers airport in Oklahoma City, and Jeff Milstein who examines “The Jet as Art”.   Barbara Page is also exhibiting paintings of land forms as seen from above.  Jon and Barbara will be on hand at the opening reception in the Cap Artspace Gallery located inside the Tompkins Center for History and Culture.



September 6th, Lifelong

modern quilt edited

Lifelong, 119 W. Court St

The Ithaca Modern Quilt Guild Collection 

Modern Works – Not Your Grandma’s Quilt

We are a group of local and not so local quilters who have moved away from traditional forms. Our work, like traditional quilting, is built around fabric, color, and design.  But we venture into new territory, employing contemporary colors, improvisation, minimalism, unconventional scales, and other techniques that have expanded the range of this art form.  Drop in to the gallery and see if the exhibit changes your idea of what quilting is.

The exhibit will be up until the end of October.

We hope you can join us for the opening, Gallery Night, September 6, from 5 – 8:00 p.m.

August 2nd, Hair Color Art

Brian Riek

Hair Color Art,112 W. Green Street

Bryan Riek- Recent Works

This artist is from Binghamton NY and was a street graffiti artist. His art is now a mix of spray paint, stencils, acrylic and collage. His compositions have a cartoonish feel and are full of repetitive patterns. He has a unique style and tells an unusual story in each piece.



August 2nd, Handwork


Handwork, 102 W. State Street

Wood-turning by Stephen Landau

Co-op artist Stephen Landau presents his latest turned bowls and will be discussing the process, materials and inspirations behind his work. Stephen Landau has been a member of Handwork for eight years. His woodcraft celebrates elegant simplicity. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

August 2nd,Padma Center for Natural Therapies

Padma Center for Natural Therapies,114 W. Buffalo Street

Adam Arnsten Delli-Bovi & Susan Arnsten-Russell

“I paint what I see”

Adam Arnsten Delli-Bovi was born on June 5, 1981 and has Down syndrome.   He is assisted in realizing his desire to paint by Susan Arnsten-Russell.Assistance during the painting process consists of reminding him to use water to help the paint move around and squeezing out the paint onto his pallet and mixing colors according to his instructions. Sometimes he needs to recognize that a painting in progress needs to dry before he can continue working on it.  Sometimes he needs help supporting his arm. The paintings that he produces are his own vision and reflect his unique view of the world.

The images in this show were created using TouchDrawing. The images were mounted and enhanced using various art media.

Touch Drawing is a movement-based art practice that opens a way for what is internal and hard to articulate to flow through your hands and to be externalized as images. Since January of 2015, Susan has been committed to a personal practice of at least one hour of TouchDrawing at least once a week. Although this process is not about making “Art” or even producing recognizable drawings, one of the results of committing to a regular TouchDrawing practice is that evocative images often emerge from what feels like an authentic source of inspiration.