September 7th, The Ink Shop Studio Gallery

Fabienne_Veverka-Chromatic Epiphany 3402-Inkshop

Ink Shop Studio Gallery (or CSMA Corridor), 330 E.State / MLK Street 

Member Exhibit
Each year, The Ink Shop launches a Members’ show, giving our membership the opportunity to exhibit their newest work. This is always a popular show that gives the public the opportunity to see the new work coming out of The Ink Shop, Central New York’s only community printmaking facility. The Ink Shop Printmaking Center is a not-for-profit that promotes fine art prints, works on paper, and artists’ books. Founded in 1999, The Ink Shop is operated by artists who offer a professional, open access, community-based printmaking facility and gallery.

September 7th, Sunny Days

Fall Creek Sunny Days

Sunny Days123 S Cayuga Street

Zac Boggs – Water as White
Zac Boggs is a landscape architect who spends his free time in nature sketching what he sees. This series encompasses a selection of sketchbook drawings from the Ithaca waterfalls, gorges and natural destinations. Turbulent water is a challenge to capture with pen and ink – Zac sketches the negative space leaving the water as white.

September 7th, Gimme Coffee (Cayuga St)


Gimme Coffee, 430 N Cayuga St

Caps for Sale by  Olivia Royale
Easy Living Hats is a local hat brand hand crafted by Olivia Royale. All Easy Living Hats will stretch to fit any size, can be worn in any season, and will pack flat for travel and adventures. Olivia is excited to share her Fall/Winter Collection with you in Gallery style appreciation at Gimme Coffee on Cayuga. Come for the month of September to Shop for the perfect hat. Hats are available to purchase at Handwork in Ithaca, at the Ithaca Farmers Market, and online at

September 7th, Gimme Coffee (State St)


Gimme Coffee, 506 W State St

Cafe Side
Recent Work by Kelly Cullen
Seating Room
Mr Bean by  Patrick Branigan
“Mr. Bean” is a series of drawings and paintings which are, in part, meditations on the majesty and blamelessness of my dog and imaginations of the hikes that we share.

September 7th, Press Cafe

Press Cafe

Press Cafe, 118 W Green St

Recent Work by Nicole Costa
This selection of recent work is inspired by the deck of 52 playing cards…and how it corresponds to the deck of tarot cards….especially The Joker from the deck of 52, known as The Fool in the tarot…in both decks this card marks the beginning and the end of a re-cycling cycle…every shuffle deals a different hand…dictates different play and tells a different story…but all essentially about the journey of the Joker or Fool…who is ever present in every play….

September 7th, State of the Art Gallery


State of the Art

State of the Art Gallery, 120 W Martin Luther King Jr./State St.

James Spitznagel and David Watkins

This two-person show features work with both similarities in artistic processes and differences in the final images:  David starts with a photograph. James starts with a drawing. Both move their images through numerous iterations, layering texture and color, light and shadow, sharpness and contrast, until new, original work emerges.  The process is about developing mood and intimate versions of each artist’s personal vision. Show dates:  Sept. 5-30, 2018; opening reception, Friday, September 7, 5-8pm. State of the Art is at 120 W Martin Luther King, Jr./State St. with curbside parking and ADA accessibility. Hours:  Wed.-Fri., 12-6pm, Sat.&Sun., 12-5pm. 607-277-1626,



September 7th, Decorum-too


Decorum-too, 215 N Cayuga St # 74 (Dewitt Mall)

Contemporary Art fot the Classic Art Lover. Representational Painting and Sculpture by Rob Mackenzie, Jenny Page and Terry Plater.