July 6th, Gimme Coffee (Cayuga St)

gimme 1

Gimme Coffee430 N Cayuga St

New In town By Great-Stone Murphy


July 6th, Gimme Coffee (State st)

Gimme Coffee506 W State St

“Water is White” by  Zac Boggs (Cafe Side)
Zac Boggs is a landscape architect who spends his free time in nature sketching the landscape. This series encompasses a selection of sketchbook drawings from the Ithaca waterfalls, gorges and natural destinations. Turbulent water is a challenge to capture with pen and ink, Zac sketches the negative space leaving the water as white.
Photo: attached as zacboggscafesidestate

Recent work by Domenica Brockman  (Seating Room)

July 6th, The Ink Shop Studio Gallery


Ink Shop Studio Gallery 330 E.State / MLK Street

Reflexion | Printmakers of Atelier de gravure de la Villedieu

We are very excited to announce our upcoming exhibit featuring the printmakers of l’Atelier
de Gravure de la Villedieu, a community studio located outside of Paris. Since 1986, l’Association d’Arts Graphique de la Villedieu/Atelier de Gravure de la Villedieu has organized the “Biennales Internationales de Gravure”, exhibiting the work by great contemporary
French and International printmakers. The recent director of the l’Atelier de Gravure de la Villedieu, Fabienne Veverka, has joined The Ink Shop while she is residing in the US, and will be present for the opening reception of this show. She will present an
artist’s talk for our TalkPrint series at The Ink Shop Saturday July 28th.
Attached: Yannick
Dublineau Reflexion sur l’origine du Monde, aquatint

July 6th, Buffalo Street Books

buffalo books

Buffalo Street Books, 215 North Cayuga St 

Found Chakra by Amy Callahan and Liam Lawson

Found Chakra is a creative collaboration between Amy Callahan and Liam Lawson. Amy is an artist and graphic designer; Liam is a writer and web designer who dabbles in digital art. Both artists are interested in the synthesis of traditional and digital art processes to create eye-catching, thought-provoking images. The images and writings on display are inspired by the seven chakras, or wheels of energy, which are integral to many yoga and meditation practitioners. By using common objects to represent these wheels, the artists aim to re-imagine and re-contextualize the vital life force (prana) that flows through the human body.

July 6th, State of the Art Gallery


State of the Art Gallery, 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street

“Spirit, Dreams, Invention,” a three-person show featuring the work of Mary Ann Bowman, sculpture; Stan Bowman, abstract artworks; and Jan Kather, installation, will be at State of the Art during July. Mary Ann says her work proceeds from clue to clue until she says, “That’s it!” and she sees something new and special. Stan imagines bright colors, unusual shapes, exciting textures and then thinks of the multitude of abstract art works he will create during the day. Jan starts with a watercolor sketch of the grassy landscape of Chemung County and it becomes Watermark, an installation, a meditation on the abstract beauty of “her own backyard.” Show dates:  July 4-July 29, 2018, with an opening reception Friday, July 6 from 5-8pm. 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street, Ithaca. Curbside parking and ADA accessibility. Hours: Wed.-Fri., 12-6pm and Sat. & Sun., 12-5pm. Info: 607-277-1626 and www.soagithaca.org

July 6th, Contemporary Trends

contemporary trends

Contemporary Trends,  121 North Aurora St.

Group Show of recent works by local artists working in various media.  Featured artists Susan C. Larkin photographs, Andrew Paine paintings, Rachel Philipson photographs, Michael Sampson paintings, and Alison Shull paintings and prints.

July 6th, Sacred Root Kava Lounge

sacred root

Margaret’s drawings are inspired by specific stories in mythology, though they often depart from the narrative and become illustrative of overall identity themes found in the texts. Much of her recent work has revolved around stories of saints and mythological figures recombined with the Tarot, resulting in unique reinterpretations of the Major Arcana. Recurring imagery fosters the sense that the stories are interconnected, inviting the viewer to further consider the world these beings inhabit.