November 1st, Sunny Days of Ithaca




Sunny Days of Ithaca 215 The Commons

Susan Naylor & Kristine Willauer- The Unity of Energy

 Unifying the mystique of mandalas and pyramids into one colorful show. Mandalas are painted free hand by Susan Naylor, aka Mrs. Mandala. Susan creates mandalas as a form of relaxation, and never really plans on designs or colors, but instead lets the mandalas create themselves as they are being painted. Kristine Willauer from WillauerArt works as a fluid and resin artist. Kristine has a concept of colors and designs before she paints or makes a mold. So many factors figure into the outcome of her pours and her pyramids that the results are surprising every time.

November 1st, Handwork Co-op



Handwork Co-op 102 W. MLK Jr./ State St.

John Chamberlain-Recent Works

Handwork artisan John Chamberlain will be demonstrating wood carving techniques in store. John is primarily a wood turner. He finishes the bottom of his turned bowls and sculptures with meticulous hand-carved details. John also makes turned mushroom sculptures, rolling pins and mortar and pestle sets.


November 1st, Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar

Sarah Sheppard


Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar 103 S. Geneva St.

Sarah Rose- Visions of Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose is a self-taught artist living in Ithaca, NY where she studies meditation and wellness. She draws most of her inspiration from sacred geometry, mandalas, and natural forms. This work is part of her recent collection. She has just begun her artistic journey and hopes to keep painting what she loves every day.

November 1st, New Roots Charter School

qinfolkx_home (2)


New Roots Charter School 116 N. Cayuga St.

Qinfolk Festival Preview: Qinfolk is we: Candace Edwards, Rochelle Brockington, Nwaobiala

 We are black AND brown AND trans AND queer AND …
Qinfolk is a space for us. The folx at the intersections.
We are from/in the woods, the suburbs, the beaches, the islands,
the cities, the farms, the coastlines, the deserts, the jungles, the water.
Qinfolk is we/they/them/us.
Qinfolk is community.

November 1st, Ink Shop Studio Gallery and CSMA Corridor

Ink Shop 20.20 photos

Ink Shop Studio Gallery and CSMA Corridor 330 E. State / MLK St.


20/20 Hindsight | 20 years in Prints and Books Plus Portfolios & Ephemera 

The 20th Anniversary exhibit celebrates two decades of printmaking. This show features Ink Shop artists, fellows, instructors, students, plus print-makers from around the country who have created or shown with us. The Hindsight Portfolios and Ephemera exhibits will include current and past artists and print-makers, fellows and exhibitors who participated in portfolio exchanges over the years and will display selected posters, postcards, news and reviews covering the twenty years of Ink Shop printmaking.
Made possible in part with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Community Arts Partnership.

November 1st, Your CBD Store

© Ridenour_Lotus montage-1 copy


Your CBD Store 308 E. Seneca St.

Nancy Ridenour- Recent Works

Nancy V. Ridenour spent her youth in Schenectady, NY, surrounded by a large family involved in the florist business.  Flowers and gardens were central to those years, which led to a major in biology while at Cornell University. The natural science thread has been strong throughout her career as a biology teacher at Ithaca High School, in her personal life of gardening and flower arranging, and now her focus in retirement on digital artistic photography.

Nancy retired in 2005 after 32 years of teaching and administration at Ithaca High School.  In 2006, she took classes in photography and Photoshop at TC3. That experience enlightened her retirement and developed into a second career as a photographic artist.

The initial floral subject was the lotus flower that grows in her pond. That focus expanded to other Flowers, Macro photography, Buildings at Cornell and NYC, Cement Sculptures located in the Cornell Arboretum, Florida Birds, Travel, and Zoo animals. Floral images are on the walls of this show.

Nancy is a member of The State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca Garden Club, and Campus Club at Cornell, as well as professional science teacher organizations.

November 1st, Ithaca Coffee Company

Memory makers 2019


Ithaca Coffee Company 311 E. Green St., Gateway Plaza

Memory Maker Project Group Show

Join the Memory Maker Project at Ithaca Coffee Co. to view artwork lovingly made by people living with memory loss from Bridges at Cornell Heights. The Memory Maker Project provides art, culture and advocacy programs for people living with memory loss in the Southern Tier and is generously supported by Triphammer Wine and Spirits.