June 9: Buffalo Street Books

cecile lippitt buffalo st books.jpg

Buffalo Street Books 215 N Cayuga St, inside Dewitt Mall

Back to Basics: Cecile Swift Lippitt

When looking for an image to capture, I am frequently drawn to very basic visual elements such as lines, circles, triangles and squares. These can be found naturally occurring in our environment or can be man-made. Naturally occurring shapes and patterns are often the inspiration for those that are man-made, a blend of form and purpose.

June 9: Kitchen Theatre

john lyon paul kitchen theatre

Kitchen Theatre 417 W State St

Mirage: Paintings by John Lyon Paul

John’s paintings emerge from a kinesthetic awareness also evident in his sculptures. His use of color and line, with their pulse, vibration, and rhythms, invite the viewer to enter and travel them.

June 9: State of the Art Gallery

margaret reed SOAG.jpg

State of the Art Gallery 120 W State St

Something Wicked This Way Comes, drawings by Margaret Reed

Much of Margaret’s recent work revolves around stories of saints and mythological figures recombined the Tarot and modern imagery, resulting in unique interpretations of the current political climate. Recurring imagery fosters the sense that the stories are interconnected, inviting the viewer to further consider the world these beings inhabit. Showing May 31-July 2, 2017.

A reception for the artist will be held Friday, June 9 from 5-8pm. 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street; curbside parking and ADA accessibility. Hours:  Wed. – Fri.. 12-6pm and Sat. & Sun., 12-5pm. 607-277-1626 and www.soagithaca.org

June 9: Ten Forward Cafe

miwa ten forward

Ten Forward Cafe 115 E State St, 2nd floor above Autumn Leaves

Transform: Paintings by Miwa Oseki Robbins

Art was the language of expression, integration, and connection for Miwa growing up. Her art is often inspired by a personal story, documenting and expressing moments of internal and external death and rebirth. This is Miwa’s debut as an artist in Ithaca, showing paintings from the last decade, her first decade as an “adult,” and a time rich in transformation, growth, and rebirth.  

June 9: CAP ArtSpace

hecht CAP

CAP ArtSpace 171 E State Street, in Center Ithaca

Laurel Hecht: Resilient Nature

“My most recent paintings depict oversized flowers and intertwining stems on a soothing, sometimes pulsing, background. I am fascinated by interweaving stems, branches, and even root systems in my garden, a tangled world that often goes unnoticed.” Exhibit runs   June 8th through June 29th.

Thank you to the Tompkins Trust Company for their annual sponsorship of the CAP ArtSpace! Learn more about CAP at http://www.artspartner.org