October 4th, Hilton Garden

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Hilton Garden 103 East Seneca St

Phoenix Thunder Lee Kacyvenski- Cat Chapel

“Throughout my life, the majority of my works have been formed from observations and strong emotional connections and feelings that living souls encounter each day. My work represents the deep thoughts of humanity, the thoughts that no one ever tells each other or gets to know about, and the thoughts that can’t be typed out but only seen and understood through imagery and creativity. The imagery you will see in my works are organic and applied on the canvas in a purposeful vigorous but very precise manner with whatever medium that seems to work alongside the subject in which I’m creating.

I create art to connect to the viewer and evoke them to take the time to look closely and pay attention to the hidden details, the details to

push them to dig deeper into their own emotional and spiritual lives. I also create my work to get my internal processes out through the visual creativity. I am absolutely infatuated by the idea of being able to transfer anything that is on your mind, through imagery, that the world can see. I plan on continuing to create art for the rest of my life because it is a serious part of me and my development as a person. I have been making art and expressing myself for as long as I can remember.”





October 4th, Benjamin Peters Mezzanine Gallery

Gallery Night Mezzanine Oct 2019


Benjamin Peters Mezzanine Gallery, 120 E. State St

Resilience, A group show from the Visual Arts faculty in the Lansing Central School District

Brittany Haines, Lee Iannone, Clarissa Loomis, and Jessica Stratton present Resilience, a collection of visual works focused on themes of perseverance and resilience. Reflecting on conditions related to recovery and the ability to adapt, these works initially explore our strong connections to family, and then widen the focus to include larger communities and natural systems.

The exhibition features painting, mixed media, stitching, and collage. Iannone’s painting was a gift to her mother, a lifelong fighter and strong spirited woman who survived three bouts with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, and a decade with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Inspired by joining her husband’s three generation family farm, Haines’ work recognizes the benefits of farm life as well as the resilience required due to the demands the farm has on a family. Stratton’s mail art employs the postal system, as she has collected and connected responses from a wide audience sharing their experiences with resilience. In her collages, Loomis reflects on maintaining emotional flexibility in the face of climate crisis, and celebrates the potential for working in harmony with native organisms.

October 4th, Hair Color Art

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Hair Color Art, 112 W. Green St

“For October I am hanging a collaboration between myself (Kristin Dutcher) and Chelsea Fausel of “Fausel Imagery”
Chelsea and Kristin collaborated on this photo project to get creative and show off. Hair is all done by me and models are all local Ithaca residents. The inspiration of the work was to empower people and create a space where comfort and self-expression are all the same.”

October 4th, Tompkins County Public Library


Tompkins County Public Library 101 East Green St

Postcards from Beyond: A Timeline of Exploration

Journey through time and witness our dramatic advances in capturing the wonders of the Solar System in photographs taken from beyond the confines of Earth. Zoe Learner Ponterio, Curator and Manager, Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility.  The History Center also contributed to this exhibit.

 At 6:15 (Borg Warner room), Ponterio will present the talk As the Human Eye Could Never See.  

Made possible (in part or in full) with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Community Arts Partnership.

Other exhibits:

  • Three Artists Interpret Botanical Beauty
  • All Access Art Club Show
  • Winners of the Equity Statement Juried Teen Art Contest
  • Star Wars Collection

October 4th, State of the Art Gallery

Patty Porter and Diane Newton publicity image

State of the Art Gallery, 120 W Martin Luther King, Jr./State St

Diane Newton and Patty Porter- DIARIES

Diane Newton and Patty Porter will share the front gallery at State of the Art during October. Their show, DIARIES, is the culmination of two years of daily artmaking to create two bodies of diverse work for their second two-person show.

Porter, an expressive realist painter, uses this body of work as a way of remembering and recording the places she holds dear and wants to explore through the painting process. Newton’s drawings and photographs are emotive and compositional responses to visual situations—landscape, the human figure and the light, shadow and form she has encountered with her camera in the urban environment.

Show dates are October 2-27, 2019, with a reception for the artists Friday, October 4, 5-8pm. Other gallery artists will show work in the Salon. Hours: W-F, 12-6pm and S&S, 12-5pm. 120 W Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street; curbside parking and ADA accessibility. Contact info: 607-277-1626 and www.soagithaca.org



October 4th, Home Green Home

First Day of Summer

Home Green Home, 215 E. State St

Annemiek Haralson –Recent Works

“I grew up in the Netherlands, and have lived in the Ithaca area since 1992. When faced with the choice of a career path the toss-up was between nursing and art school. Nursing won out, but I always kept drawing and painting. I paint mostly landscapes, and find my inspiration in the beauty around us. I make sketches and paint outside (plein air) whenever I can. Being in the actual environment helps to make me feel more connected to what I am painting. Often these outdoor paintings will later lead to larger studio pieces. I try to convey the feeling I had when I was originally drawn to a scene, and hope to transfer my love for nature into my paintings.”

October 4th, CAP Artspace

Art Trail Tile

CAP Artspace , 110 N. Tioga St.

Group Exhibit: Greater Ithaca Art Trail Artists

The Community Arts Partnership (CAP) presents a Group Exhibit of their Greater Ithaca Art Trail artists. Over 40 Art Trail artists will have a piece in this amazing group exhibit! You’ll see paintings, photographs, fiber art, sculpture, mobiles, mixed media, illustrations, prints, and ceramics.

(The Greater Ithaca Art Trail OPEN STUDIO WEEKENDS, where 41 studios are open simultaneously across Tompkins County is on October 5, 6 and 12, 13; 11am to 5pm each day.)

Come to the opening, pick up the brochure/map for the weekends, meet the trail artists and see a sample of each of their work in one place! We hope you visit their studios on the weekends. This exhibit will help you plan your excursion.

The exhibit is up through the end of October. Visit www.ArtTrail.com to learn all about the Art Trail, download the map and learn about each artist.

This exhibit is sponsored by Harris Beach, Attorneys at Law. The CAP ArtSpace is sponsored by the Tompkins Trust Company. We thank them for their generous support!