February 7th, New Roots Charter School

New Roots Charter School | newrootsschool.org

116 N. Cayuga St.

Student Trip to Costa Rica Benefit Show

My name is Enrique Miranda, I am here in Ithaca for a year and then I’ll go back to Spain, my home country, in the meantime I want to offer Ithaca a part of myself. All the art offered is original, handmade and produced in a non industrial manner, all the drawings and paintings are the originals. I am specialized in animal/creature design, and my mother, Cristina Garcia-Fresca made the awesome watercolor paintings. All the economic benefits we get from this art sale is going to our Costa Rica trip, organized by the spanish IV class at Newroots Charter School, so know that your money is going to be used wisely. We are also happy to accept any donations you want to contribute to this amazing opportunity!

February 7th, State of the Art Gallery

For the love of art graphic

State of the Art Gallery |soagithaca.org

120 West State/MLK Jr. Street

February marks the second Members’ Show of 2020 at the gallery—”For the Love of Art.” Showing will be:  Jane Dennis, Frances Fawcett, Saundra Goodman, Patricia Hunsinger, Jan Kather, Susan Larkin, Alicia Sanguiliano, David Watkins, Jr., and Connie Zehr. On exhibit will be sculpture, fiber art, photography, drawing, and prints. A reception for the artists will be held Friday, February 7, 5-8pm. In addition, exhibiting members will hold an informal discussion at the gallery in February. Each artist will talk briefly about their work and then invite questions, comments and discussion from visitors. The event is free and open to the public. TBA so check our website for an update. Show dates are February 5-March 1, 2020. The gallery is located at 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street with curbside parking and ADA accessibility. Hours: Wed.-Fri., 12-6pm and Sat. and Sun., 12-5pm. Contact info: 607-277-1626 and www.soagithaca.org

February 7th, Toko Imports

Polly Wood Leon Arguello first friday february Toko

Toko Imports Open Studio (in the DeWitt Mall, 215 N Cayuga St, suite 65)

Leon Arguello & Polly Wood

Leon Arguello, Recent Charcoal Drawings on Brown Paper

Leon Arguello was born in Denver and grew up in the desert southwest town of Trinidad, Colorado. Encouraged by his mother, he began to draw at a very young age. Continuing to study art through all his years of public school, he graduated high school in 1991 and shifted his focus from art to music. In 2019 he began to revisit visual art and has been inspired by friends and family who have also found themselves making art in the Ithaca area. Leon resides with his family in Danby, NY and enjoys music, art and exploring the outdoors.

Polly Wood, Radwoman Retrospect / Birds of Change, mixed-media

Polly Wood is a songwriter/drummer, visual artist, independent scholar & mother whose works are devoted to the preservation of the Sacred Feminine. She holds an MA in Women’s Spirituality and an MFA in Creative Inquiry. Born and raised in Ithaca, Polly periodically returns for sometimes short, sometimes very long stints and is most often looking forward to the next adventure.

February 7th, @Dewitt Mall

image (7)

CARLTON J. MANZANO in Moosewood Restaurant

Carlton is a true Plein Air artist who creates his paintings from his mobile studio a ’95 minivan. E McMahon

Elizabeth McMahon  

Studio 325, Dewitt Mall OPEN STUDIO 3rd floor

Elizabeth McMahon is an artist whose love of color and happenstance has inspired her work from painting to songwriting, puppetry to collage. From her gigantic cakes of the 80’s to her Tea Party Shuffle Dance Song to the latest Statue of Liberty series, Elizabeth embraces the moment and translates her life into art.


Connie Shipos at Fibers

Connie Shipos has worked at Fibers for over 20 years. She provides her expertise in garment construction, fashion design and jewelry making to women of all ages & shapes. Connie has a BA from SUNY Cortland ’75 with a minor in painting. She has worked in graphic art, fashion design and costuming at Cornell.

String musicians from Ithaca Talent Education School will perform.

Joan Reuning at Fibers

Joan Reuning, owner of Fibers, will be demonstrating weaving. Joan uses her handwoven fabrics when designing her special one of a kind jackets. She also finds beautiful batik, silk-screened, ikat and other fabrics to use in her creations. Connie and Joan also create custom garments for that special occasion.


February 7th, The Ink Shop

Justin Greenwald_Quiet House

The Ink Shop |ink-shop.org

330 East MLK/ State Street

Justin Greenwald | Clarity through Chaos

The Ink Shop is excited to show the work of Justin Greenwald. This two month show was awarded to Justin as a prize won through the first juried Solarplate Triennial Exhibit in 2019.
Justin Greenwald’s work includes drawings, paintings and prints. Clarity through Chaos is an exhibit of his solarplate etchings and monotypes which are concerned with repetitive mark making. Justin uses numbers and equations and occasionally words in his prints. “I’ve been a very obsessive person since early on”, says Justin. “It’s at once a gift and a disorder. The emotion and expressiveness behind the marks or lines is always evolving, even within a single print or painting.” Justin finds the fickleness or ephemeral quality of the image lends to the recording of life’s timetable.

A good number Justin’s prints are of a reductive nature, where the metal backed polymer plate is coated with ink, and then drawn into or scratched away at using a variety of tools, including sticks, twigs, chopsticks, pencils, and rags, before being processed or hardened in the sun or under a light box. Solarplate etching allows for photographic work, although Justin prefers to draw.

February 7th, Community School of Music and Arts


Community School of Music and Arts |csma-ithaca.org

330 East MLK/ State Street

DWELLiNG in MY SouL//////Black, the color

A two-person show of Paintings and Prints by Colleen Shelton and Charlotte Ghiorse a.k.a. House of ChoCLeT. Loosely associated riffs on the comfort of the color Black and our tribal experience of identifying with and being connected to our dwelling places. The Business of Adorning ourselves with our home, and wearing our home in the outfit. Identity as a form of protection. Subject to personal interpretation. Colleen’s Prints and Paintings of Masks are very personal and playful images relating to identity. She uses her own image as a template. Charlotte’s Paintings are about being a wandering soul and feeling like she doesn’t belong anywhere, as well as Voyeurism, Identity, belonging to a place and Day Dreaming, the void… and the safety of the color Black.

February 7th, Sew Green

Crazy Quilt

Sew Green | sewgreen.org

112 N. Cayuga St.

Crazy Quilt Exhibit

From Victorian times to present-day, crazy quilt makers have sewn a mix of fabrics such as velvet and satin in unique asymmetrical designs. The show includes new and old examples, an illustrated timeline, and a hands-on demo of how to start a crazy quilt.