July 7: The Ink Shop


The Ink Shop 330 E State St

HereThere | Poetics of Place

Curated by Pamela Drix, HereThere is a combinatory concept that attempts to address the complex relationship between our experience and the world we inhabit.  “There is a fluid interaction between the world of thought and the world of forms. I wanted to find artists who approach some aspect of this complexity in their work.The poetics of place embraces this. Whether such issues of migration, habitation, ecological disaster, covering our bodies, or making structures, these artists grapple with aspects of placedness.”

Please join us July 14th, 5-7pm for an artists’ talk about the poetics of place—with some of the artists, who will be coming from far away places!

July 7: Handwork

Handwork Gio Footwear.jpg

Handwork 102 W State St

Handwork artist Gio Marmora from Hector N.Y. will be presenting the various stages of creating leather moccasins. Gio is a third generation shoe maker and leather-craft artisan, whose work includes footwear, wallets, backpacks, journals, and a host of small items like bracelets, key fobs and barrettes. Gio is also Handwork’s Featured Artist of the Month. Enter for a chance to win a free gift from Gio while you join us.

July 7: Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn 130 E Seneca St

Trina Bartimer Bruno, Reflections on Nature

I spent my childhood amidst the frenetic rhythms of Manhattan, observing nature through windows. As I began to experience other areas of the country, I learned how the calm and openness of the natural environment nourished my soul.

Using varied textures and materials, and putting my own boundaries on the haphazardness of nature, my focus is to connect the visual and emotional contrast of these two worlds.

July 7: Lifelong


lifelong thomas de luca.jpg

Lifelong 119 W Court St

An Art-full Life:  The work of Thomas (Gaetano) De Luca, Sr.

The late Tompkins County Mental Health Commissioner, Bob De Luca, used to say that his father was a lunatic, particularly when he saw the ways that Tom De Luca’s formidable creative energy expressed itself.  From eccentric backyard BBQ grills to “flower” arrangements of grape stems and orange peels, to designing one of Balanchine’s Nutcracker Christmas trees or playing drums and jazz piano, Bob’s father has spent over 80 years (he turned 99 this June) making art.  This first public showing of Tom De Luca Sr.’s work, includes paintings expressing his love of his Long Island home, NYC roots, nature (human and otherwise), as well as examples of his artwork informed by his experiences as a WWII veteran and a professional designer.

July 7: Buffalo Street Books

BSB dara lorenzo

Buffalo Street Books 215 N Cayuga St, Dewitt Mall

Strangers Gate Revisited, Dara Lorenzo

Subtitle: “Artwork by Dara Lorenzo, Prints inspired by Jeffrey F. Barken’s Novel, All the Lonely Boys in New York. Iconic Stamps by Diana Mueller “

Two years ago, author Jeffrey F. Barken launched his novel All the Lonely Boys in New York with a spectacular pop-up gallery event in Manhattan. The gallery featured original prints (inspired by Barken’s fiction) by Oakland-based artist, Dara Lorenzo and made in collaboration with Irish artist, Diana Muller. “Strangers Gate Revisited” will be the second showing of this unique collection. Dara’s artistic process manipulates photographs with various printmaking techniques, smudging disparate colors and accentuating noir details. A second layer melds graffiti elements with Muller’s original ink stamps, rendering the canvas a detailed map that underlies the pace and plot of All The Lonely Boys in New York.

Note: We’ve arranged for a pianist to play some jazz music during the first hr of the opening. (5:30-6:30)

July 7: State of the Art Gallery

SOAG ethel vrana.jpg

State of the Art Gallery 120 W State St

SHAPES AND SYMBOLS, new work by Ethel Vrana

“Lately I have been interested in the color, size and placement of shapes in a painting.   In some cases, this has resulted in a more structured composition while other times the result is clearly defined shapes arranged on the picture plane.  I find this new approach of great interest and will continue to explore this style of painting.”

A reception will be held Friday, July 7, 5-8pm, Gallery Night in downtown Ithaca. Show dates: July 5-30, 2017. Hours: Wed.-Fri., 12-6pm and Sat. & Sun., 12-5pm. 120 W Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street. 607-277-1626, http://www.soagithaca.org

July 7: The History Center

history center hollienn.jpg

The History Center 401 E State St

Historic Water Powered Mills by Walter J. Hollienn

In conjunction with the First Friday Gallery Night and the current exhibition “The Altered and Preserved Landscape,” The History Center will host a 6:00 PM presentation “Historic Water Powered Mills” by Walter J. Hollien, Preservation Architect.

The lecture briefly discusses barns which are a part of milling history as this is where the grain was stored and cleaned before it was brought to the mill. Mills were also the first automated buildings. We will discuss how the mill worked the importance of the different types of millstones, the many inventions of different milling equipment as well as the prevailing superstitions in reference to mills and of course the invention of white bread. The tools of the miller and the tools of the millers sideline occupations, as well as the tools of the millwright will be discussed.

Walter J. Hollien is a Preservation Architect and a Millwright and specializes in the restoration of Historic Water, Wind and Muscle Powered Mills.