October 7: Handwork Gallery

Handwork Gio Marmora.jpg

Handwork Gallery 102 W State St

Leather-working with Gio Marmora

Learn about the steps and tools involved in creating leather journal covers with beautiful designs – we’ll be hand tooling leather right in store! Gio Marmora is a third generation leather-worker. He specializes in shoe repair, and also makes sandals, belts, bags, hats, wallets, and much more.

October 7: eye

Eye Mauro Marinelli.jpg

eye 126 E State St, 2nd floor above Petrune

Mauro Marinelli

Two dozen exquisite photos from a seemingly bygone era launch Mauro Marinelli’s newest book, Under Old Stars, Wanderings in Italian Hill Towns.           

Premiere book signing and exhibit, coupled with live music and gourmet treats, on October 7th, from 5-8pm at eye Ithaca, 126 e. State St., 2nd floor.

October 7: The Ink Shop

Ink Shop Billy Cote, Jon Frankel, Craig Mains.jpg

The Ink Shop 330 E State St, 2nd floor of CSMA building


A collaborative, multimedia installation featuring musician Billy Cote, writer Jon Frankel and artist Craig Mains, exhibiting 6 groups of 6 linked works. The groups transition from image to music to text, each piece a reaction to the one immediately preceding it, and the cycle repeats. Each group begins a new pattern: two groups start with music, two with poetry and two with print, functioning as an interdisciplinary mix of broken telephone and exquisite corpse.

October 7: The History Center in Tompkins County

Thomas Morse History Center.jpg


The History Center in Tompkins County 401 E State St

Made in Tompkins County: A Timeline of Local Enterprise

October 7th – February 18th, 2017

Tompkins County is well known for its educational institutions. What is less known is its rich industrial history.

From its earliest days it has been the home of inventors and entrepreneurs – people who laid the commercial foundation of a prosperous community.

This broad survey takes a look at the long sweep of enterprise in Tompkins County, from its earliest days to the 21st century.

September 2: Lifelong

Carl Schofield Lifelong.jpg

Lifelong (119 W Court St).

Carl Schofield, Photographs

After retiring, Carl Schofield turned his eye to from examining the impact of acid rain as part of Cornell’s department of Natural Resources to capturing images of landscapes, nature, and travel.  Some of his infrared landscape photography, an area of particular interest to him, was featured in Popular Photography, 2001.

September 2: Community Arts Partnership


Community Arts Partnership (171 E State St).

CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Extraordinaire

Hundreds of pieces of donated art will be displayed in the CAP ArtSpace Gallery, all available for purchase right off the walls!  Prices will range from $25 for the majority of unframed work, and $35 to $250 for framed pieces.  Work on display will continue to be replenished as sales are made throughout the month of September.  The sale ends on September 30th.

If you have art you’d like to donate, e-mail Robin Schwartz at programs@artspartner.org to make a drop off/pick up arrangement.  Donations are tax deductible and CAP will provide a receipt.

September 2: Cellar d’Or

Michael Goscinsky Cellar D'or.jpg

Cellar d’Or (136 The Commons).

Michael Goscinsky, Wood Block Prints

A printmaker for over fifty five years, Michael Goscinsky produces wood block prints that combine animal images with Asian symbols. His prints are spiritual and complex by nature but also have a simplicity which appeals to the dichotomy in all of us.