November 4: Community Arts Partnership

CAP Ileen Kaplan.jpg

Community Arts Partnership 171 E State St

Come to Community Arts Partnership’s CAP ArtSpace for “Essence,” New Work by Ileen Kaplan and Michael Maxwell. Ileen’s colorful abstracts and Michael’s digital photograph/paintings are gorgeous!  Please stop by.  The local organization, Ithaca Underground, will also have a show of their music event poster art in the interior of Center Ithaca.

November 4: Argos Inn

argos tommy beers.jpg

Argos Inn 408 E State St

Where the Sky Meets the Earth: Paintings by Tommy Beers

An appreciation and documentation of the mostly rural world around us.

November 4: Cellar d’Or

cellar dor chris charles.jpg

Cellar d’Or 136 E State St

Big Color: Prints by Chris Charles

Bold designs using vintage typesetting & innovative letterpress techniques.

Chris Charles is a printmaker and founder of Moon Rabbit Press. Her body of work includes letterpress printed posters, cards & monoprints, and often show off her quirky sense of humor. Chris loves playing with bold colors, vintage sensibilities, and will ink up just about anything she can get on press. She uses traditional hand-set type and carved linoleum, but also loves playing around with a few less traditional techniques, as experimentation is an important part of her process. Recently, she had two prints published in the book “Adventures in Letterpress” by Brandon Mise.

November 4: Ithacamade

ithacamade annie campbell.jpg

Ithacamade 215 N Cayuga St

Ithacamade is pleased to have Annie Campbell as our featured artist. Annie’s work is well known in our community and we will be celebrating the release of her illustrated Memoir, “The Whore Next Door.” This book is a treasure for all Annie fans, with 106 full color illustrations- 1 for every mini-chapter. Annie will have prints of some of the images from the book, as well as others.

To add to the evening, Annie’s band, Toivo, will also be playing. Wide Awake Bakery will round out festivities!

November 4: New Roots Charter School


New Roots Charter School 116 N Cayuga St

Recent works by McKenzie Lauren Jones

McKenzie is a lyrical artist who loves to play with the stories we tell ourselves. She is fascinated by words and enjoys exploring how they sound, what they mean, how they look, and what they create. Her poems, greeting cards, and stencils touch upon the most heartwarming, grimy, funny, and genuine qualities of life.

November 4: Sunny Days of Ithaca

sunny days dave pollot.jpg

Sunny Days of Ithaca 123 S Cayuga St

Dave Pollot, Art with a Sense of Humor

Dave Pollot has always loved to paint, however, he finds his attention span is often outweighed by his eagerness to move on and learn something else. Repurposing old thrift art has become something of an answer to this problem. He takes abandoned prints and paintings found at thrift stores and garage sales and carefully uses oil paints to make new additions into the old pieces.

The challenge of blending his additions to their new surroundings in whatever style the original artist painted in keeps his attention. Part of the fun is not only taking some piece of pop culture and putting it into a place where it might not belong, but also making it blend in so well that it actually seems that it belongs.

Says Dave, “My art shouldn’t be too carefully considered for gravity; it’s meant to allow the viewer an escape from the serious, if only for the few moments that they spend looking at some bit of pop culture mischievously inserted into something that might have hung in their grandmother’s house.”

November 4: State of the Art Gallery

SOAG shirley hogg.jpg

State of the Art Gallery 120 W State St

Awaiting the Ark is an exhibition of recent paintings of endangered animals by Shirley Hogg.

What makes this work so remarkable is the artist has painted the animals life-sized. The show dates are November 2-27, 2016, with a reception for the artist Friday, November 4, 5-8 pm.

In conjunction with her show, there is this special event:  “Hogg Wild;  Painting Animals in Watercolor,” a children’s workshop with Shirley Hogg and Erin Deneuville, Saturday, November 12, 10-11:45 am for children ages 6-12 (fee, $15, reserve at State of the Art is at 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street. There is curbside parking and ADA accessibility. Hours:  W-F, 12-6pm and Sat & Sun, 12-5pm.  Contact info:  607-277-1626 and