January 5th, Circus Culture


Circus Culture116 West Green St (Press Bay Alley)
Around the Ring Cabaret (group show)
The circus arts come to life in this another exhilarating cabarets. Featuring performers of all ages and many disciplines, be amazed as performers soar above the ground or bound off it. Come see what’s happening “Around the Ring” at Circus Culture! Show starts at 7:30, refreshments and socializing and a Circus Movie to follow.


January 5th, Handwork

Handwork, 102 West State Street

Pottery by Hannah Graeper-Carver

Hannah will be demonstrating the glaze technique that she uses on her pottery.  Using a small, fine tipped bottle, she draws decorative lines on the body of her pieces. Visitors will be able to try glaze trailing for themselves. Snacks and hot cocoa provided.

January 5th, State of the Art Gallery

state of the art

State of the Art Gallery, 120 W. Martin Luther King Jr / State St

Paintings by Michael Sampson

“Members’ Show, Part I,” works of art by half of the gallery members:  Carol Abitabilo Ast, Patty Brown, Eva Capobianco, Jane Dennis, Ileen Kaplan, Jan Kather, Margy Nelson, Diana Ozolins, Nancy Ridenour, Michael Sampson, Sheryl Sinkow, Jim Spitznagel, Ethel Vrana, and Connie Zehr.  On exhibition will be paintings, work in pastel, sculpture, photography, and more. Show dates:  January 3 through 28, 2018 with a reception for the artists on Friday, January 5, 5-8pm. Members not showing in January will show in February. Hours:  12-6pm, Wed.-Fri. and 12-5pm, Sat. & Sun. 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street, curbside parking and ADA accessibility. Info:  607-277-1626 and www.soag.org

January 5th, New Roots Charter School


New Roots Charter School, 116 North Cayuga Street

The Art of Leanora Mims


1st. – Middle Passage Women–6 ft across by 36 inches tall.  Mixed media piece.  African Print gold painted cloth on the front–hand-lettered poems by Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes stitched on the left side.  Back is covered with photos of African and African-American women who changed America.

2nd –  Masai Sunset/Tribute to President Barack Hussein Obama-Former Commander in Chief. The front is painted bow tie quilt pattern and the back is covered with photos of Former 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussien Obama.

3rd- Ascension this piece tells the story of young men who have left us to join the ancestors.  I have included the names of the 20 children killed in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The back is a tree covered with leaves in the shape of hands with the names of the children and young people killed due to suicide and gun violence.  This piece is very moving and uses the element of Uncal which is to tell your story from the first person narrative

January 5th, Hilton Garden Inn


Hilton Garden Inn, 130 E Seneca St

Collection by Mary Beth Ihnken

Mary Beth Ihnken lives with her family and works in a restored 1810 barn on a spacious farm just outside of Ithaca, NY. Her daily runs take her past working farms, introducing her to her latest subjects and inspiring a new series of large-scale expressive portraits. They satiate her love for telling a story on a grand canvas while offering the opportunity to create works that live in private homes. For a complete list of past exhibits, present and past works, please visit mbihnken.com.

January 5th, Collegetown Bagels

Collegetown Bagels. 203 N Aurora St

Collection by  Tran Nu Vuong Linh (Linh Tran)

A friend who loves my art writes: “The works, the colors, they have their own miraculous words, they do not go around but go straight to the heart. I love your works so much. Each time I see them, I seem to step into a mysterious world, which is like the world of the opposite side of the silver side of the mirror, it is nothing lies…”
I always love painting about girls.
My first exhibition “Seasons in eyes” (Jun 2013) at Vietnamese Women’s Museum, Hanoi was about girls who close eyes and no lips, like that “Closing eyes are to feel things that you could not see in normal eyes; having no lip is to say things that could not say in words”. The second “Moments of uniformity” (November 2013) at Vietnamese Art Space, Hanoi was about girls who wake up with opening eyes. And now, my girls are in harmony with nature and flowers like creating a beautiful concerto. I call it “Flowers concerto”. Thank Ithaca, thank my husband gives me more inspirations to create these new artworks.
20% of the proceeds from the paintings sale will be used to help homeless people in Ithaca.

January 5th, CAP, Artspace


CAP ArtSpace, Center Ithaca on the Commons, adjacent to Visitor Center
ART with HEART // Portraiture that Celebrates People!
For ART with HEART, One community activist/artist and one guest professional artist teamed up with teachers and students in the Greater Ithaca Activities Center afterschool program over the month of March 2017. This traveling art show is the result of the drawings made by the children and several GIAC staff members.

The Art with Heart curriculum and project is a hands-on approach to overcoming fear and unfairness with Love and Play. Together, we learned basic techniques of portraiture to draw black, brown and tan people. There are many things people can do to become active allies for people (including themselves) who are experiencing unfairness in a systemic way in society. In the midst of all the other actions we can and must take, it is also essential to play and celebrate each other’s gifts, talents and beauty. This project was born from love and an ache. The heart wants justice and will have it.

The show has hung in Gimme Coffee on MLK street and in the Tompkins County Public Library. We’re looking in our community for the next places to hang it! Please come by!
The Community Arts Partnership thanks the Tompkins Trust Company for their 2018 sponsorship of a year of exhibits at the CAP ArtSpace.