October 4th,Ink Shop Studio Gallery and CSMA Corridor


Ink Shop Studio Gallery and CSMA Corridor, 330 E.State St

Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku | Contemporary Printmakers and Mid Century Modern Architects

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center will host visiting print makers and architects from Tokyo with an exhibit displaying prints and drawings. This is the first comprehensive show in the USA of printed art from the Printmaking Department of Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Tokyo University of Fine Art).

This show is supported through the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture and made possible in part with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Community Arts Partnership.


October 4th, Handwork



Handwork, 102 W. State St

Laurin Ramsey-Block printing demonstration 

Join us during October Gallery Night for some wrapping paper block printing with Laurin Ramsey of Liontail Press. We will be using organic materials to print patterns by hand onto paper that you can take home to use as gift wrap.


October 4th, Community School of Music and Arts

LCAjoseIMG_4596 crop

Community School of Music and Arts,330 E. State St

Hilando Fino / Finespun

José Buenaventura González and Paulina Velázquez Solís

A dialogue between traditional and contemporary textile art 

Un diálogo entre obras de arte textil tradicional y contemporáneo 

One medium and two very different artists, both stemming from the deep, complex roots of Latin American culture. Hilando Fino / Finespun brings together the textile works of master weaver and organic dyer José Buenaventura González, an indigenous Zapotec artist from Oaxaca, Mexico, and Mexican-Costa Rican visual artist Paulina Velázquez Solís. Their work engages us in a conversation that explores the human relationship with nature and history, and the interplay of permanence and change in the lived experiences of the artists as individuals and as members of the larger indigenous and mestizo, Mexican and Central American, Latin American and American, globalized communities of which they are part.

Please join us for the opening reception in the gallery from 5-8 PM, presented by the Latino Civic Association of Tompkins County and ¡Cultura!

All are also invited to Voices of Freedom 2019, Ithaca City of Asylum’s annual celebration of free expression, starting at 8 PM upstairs in Hamblin Hall. The event will feature artist-in-residence Pedro X. Molina, an internationally acclaimed political cartoonist who recently fled Nicaragua with his family.

October 4th, New Roots Charter School


New Roots Charter School, 116 N. Cayuga St

Qinfolk Festival Preview: Qinfolk is we:

Candace Edwards, Rochelle Brockington, Nwaobiala

Opening First Friday October 4th from 5 tp 7:30pm, Ithaca, NY


We are black AND brown AND trans AND queer AND …
Qinfolk is a space for us. The folx at the intersections.
We are from/in the woods, the suburbs, the beaches, the islands,
the cities, the farms, the coastlines, the deserts, the jungles, the water.
Qinfolk is we/they/them/us.
Qinfolk is community.


October 4th, Ithacamade


Ithacamade, 215 N. Cayuga St

Gary Rith-Recent Works

Gary Rith got into clay in 1983 and hasn’t gotten out since. Primarily a studio potter making mugs, bowls, teapots on the potter’s wheel, Gary does some sculpting and hand building for fun.

This past winter Gary began making geometric vases by hand and glazing them a drippy blue-green. Recognizing a trend his first reaction was “they look like icebergs!”.

Whatever the Iceberg Series of pots reminds you of, come to Ithacamade to see these special works alongside Gary’s other pots, both thrown and sculpted, from the fun to the serious.

October 4th, Ithaca Coffee Company

Dan Segal

Ithaca Coffee Company, 311 E. Green St

 Dan Segal-Recent Works

“I have visited Cuba 3 times in the past few years. It was Cuba that changed my focus from plant photography to the more dynamic challenge of photographing people and busy streets. The color, light and energy of Cuba is impossible to miss, and I was hooked from the moment I arrived the first time. It’s a photographer’s paradise. Cuba’s unusual political system has kept most people living in poverty, amidst a crumbling and dated infrastructure…so sometimes the sadness and anxiety of life is also impossible to miss…but this is true here at home, and everywhere on Earth.

My goal with sharing Cuba photos is not to convince people here that life in Cuba is happier, or sadder, or better or worse, than you may have imagined, but to try and open a window for you, so you can see for yourself. I encourage US citizens to visit Cuba and enjoy the warmth of the culture and the people. It is still easy for us to visit Cuba legally, despite the myths about US travel to Cuba. I’m happy to help you plan to visit.”

October 4th, Well Being Healing Center

Roots of Play Lisa Baechtle

Well Being Healing Center , 317 N Aurora St

Creative Conjuring- watercolors by Lisa Baechtle

I am on a journey of curiosity. Each painting is a step along the way, discovering new pathways of growth. I vision paths I have already tread, paths I am now present with and, I imagine new paths yet to be trodden. Since my world, my passion, is rooted in natural law, fauna and flora are the symbols that rise from my imaginative heart and belly.
I am hearing the call of the Wild and I am conjuring possibilities from ancestral knowledge that has lain dormant. I dive deep into the cave of my belly to listen and watch for glimmerings transmitted intuitively in images and colors. These are the bones of my creative life.