February 7th, Toko Imports

Polly Wood Leon Arguello first friday february Toko

Toko Imports Open Studio (in the DeWitt Mall, 215 N Cayuga St, suite 65)

Leon Arguello & Polly Wood

Leon Arguello, Recent Charcoal Drawings on Brown Paper

Leon Arguello was born in Denver and grew up in the desert southwest town of Trinidad, Colorado. Encouraged by his mother, he began to draw at a very young age. Continuing to study art through all his years of public school, he graduated high school in 1991 and shifted his focus from art to music. In 2019 he began to revisit visual art and has been inspired by friends and family who have also found themselves making art in the Ithaca area. Leon resides with his family in Danby, NY and enjoys music, art and exploring the outdoors.

Polly Wood, Radwoman Retrospect / Birds of Change, mixed-media

Polly Wood is a songwriter/drummer, visual artist, independent scholar & mother whose works are devoted to the preservation of the Sacred Feminine. She holds an MA in Women’s Spirituality and an MFA in Creative Inquiry. Born and raised in Ithaca, Polly periodically returns for sometimes short, sometimes very long stints and is most often looking forward to the next adventure.