February 7th, The Kitchen Theatre


 Kitchen Theatre Company / Judith Holliday Lobby Gallery, 417 W. MLK, Jr. Street | kitchentheatre.org

Up is Down

Stiller Zusman is currently the resident scenic artist for the Kitchen Theatre.  She comes to theater having been making images and objects for over 30 years. Her work follows her fascination with visual anomalies, woven shapes, edges, water, precarious balance and visual space. Her artwork has been shown internationally, in private collections, commissions and public installations of sculpture.  She has an MFA in Sculpture (1983) as well as a Masters in  Clinical Art therapy (1986).  She taught sculpture and painting at SUNY Cortland. Her own teaching studio called Abovoagogo was on Seneca Street around the block from the theater for many years.
Image is Bottom of Ponds  24” x 60”  acrylic on canvas 2019