February 7th, Hilton Garden Inn

FluorescentEnlightenmentSmallHilton Garden Inn | ithaca.hgi.com

130 E. Seneca St.

Bryan Root

I don’t really know what my art is about. I see certain emerging themes: apocalyptic science fiction ideation, a sense of something huge and possibly ominous waiting beneath or above the mundane horizon. But to say  I set out to make those things would place the cart before the horse.

I’ve done photography and photoshop consistently, as an adjunct to my web and film work. But recently I felt a need for a more immediate creative outlet, unmitigated technology, something physical, like dance, and I started doing very free, Jackson Pollock-like paintings. I haven’t painted on canvas since undergraduate art school, and it was like coming home. Some of the imagery that comes out of my painting and photoshop process overlaps my writing and web design at spacerex.com.spacerex.com. Some of it is pure abstraction. I hope you find it interesting.

Painting is called ” “Fluorescent Enlightenment”