February 7th, @Dewitt Mall

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CARLTON J. MANZANO in Moosewood Restaurant

Carlton is a true Plein Air artist who creates his paintings from his mobile studio a ’95 minivan. E McMahon

Elizabeth McMahon  

Studio 325, Dewitt Mall OPEN STUDIO 3rd floor

Elizabeth McMahon is an artist whose love of color and happenstance has inspired her work from painting to songwriting, puppetry to collage. From her gigantic cakes of the 80’s to her Tea Party Shuffle Dance Song to the latest Statue of Liberty series, Elizabeth embraces the moment and translates her life into art.


Connie Shipos at Fibers

Connie Shipos has worked at Fibers for over 20 years. She provides her expertise in garment construction, fashion design and jewelry making to women of all ages & shapes. Connie has a BA from SUNY Cortland ’75 with a minor in painting. She has worked in graphic art, fashion design and costuming at Cornell.

String musicians from Ithaca Talent Education School will perform.

Joan Reuning at Fibers

Joan Reuning, owner of Fibers, will be demonstrating weaving. Joan uses her handwoven fabrics when designing her special one of a kind jackets. She also finds beautiful batik, silk-screened, ikat and other fabrics to use in her creations. Connie and Joan also create custom garments for that special occasion.

 Sue Hertz Show title: “Scenes from Here and There”

At my art space you will find an array of oil paintings depicting local scenes as well as scenes from my travels. You will also find a series of photographs of Cayuga Lake at its best. Water is featured in many of my works, as I’m fascinated by its ever-changing interplay of colors, textures, and movements. My art space is also where, in my other life, I carry on my speech synthesis endeavors. I am intrigued by the similarities in how humans perceive the visual and auditory world around them. In both of my endeavors, I strive to create the appropriate cues (contrasts, intensities, etc.) to effectively render my intent, be it in the form of a painting or synthetic utterance.

Work also featured in Ithacamade and Toko Imports