February 7th, Sacred Root Kava Lounge

JoAnn Kingsley

Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar |sacredrootkava.com

103 S. Geneva St.

JoAnn Kingsley- Drawing Relationships

JoAnn Kingsley, MPS, LMT is inspired by relationships. This exhibit of her retrospective show, Drawing Relationships, coincides with the awakening of many. Relationships are taking new form and energies mix and twist as we learn to go with the flow. A half-time Community and Human Services faculty/mentor with SUNY Empire State College, JoAnn is excited to share her enthusiasm for SUNY Empire’s statewide Health and Wellness Initiative. JoAnn is also known for her role as the volunteer coordinator for the Grassroots Festival Healing Arts for coming up on 25 years in July.

The attached image, acrylic on canvas is entitled: Emotions, Body, Spirit, Psyche Р4 part harmony