January 3rd, Community Arts Partnership

CAP image from train with reflrctions


Community Arts Partnership| artspartner.org

110 N. Tioga St.

Moving Pictures- Terry Plater / New Work

December 11 to January 31.The paintings, drawings, and photographs in this exhibition is primarily based on Plater’s travels in Europe in 2019 and, to emphasize the act of travel as passing through, many pieces are based on photographs taken from train windows.

More than simple stock motif renderings of “pretty landscapes,” this work riffs on the many ways in which landscape -the land– works as a vehicle for those passing through to imagine, to understand, to invent, and to challenge. In this scenario, “landscape” represents the unknown as much as the known, something that conceals as much as it reveals.

The installation is conceived as a way for the viewer to take part in the process of seeing and thinking that artists rely on in the process of art making. Thus, rough drawings, preparatory sketches, and multiple views of repeating images in different media are displayed. The project, in keeping with the imperatives of travel itself, is a work in progress.

  We thank the Tompkins Trust Company for sponsoring our CAP ArtSpace year round!