December 6th, Sunny Days of Ithaca



Sunny Days of Ithaca|

215 The Commons

Linda Wyatt- On My Way Home

Linda Wyatt is a photographer who grew up in the Ithaca area, living a very full life incorporating the concept of “focus” in multiple ways.


“These images represent “on my way home” both literally and figuratively. They were taken in places I frequently pass on my way home from work or other activities. Immersing myself in these natural areas and gardens also enhances my sense of belonging to this place, of feeling “at home” and settled here, both physically and spiritually. What began as a project to share photos of where I live with friends and family who have never been here has led to something that reinforces both my connection to this area on a very personal level, and my sense that the world is, indeed, wondrous and beautiful. I am especially drawn to the beauty that develops as things are considered “past their prime.”