December 6th, Ithaca Coffee Company

Matt Mayers


Ithaca Coffee Company|

 311 E. Green St.

Matt Mayers Photography: The Day After Forever

What is High Dynamic Range Photography? The overwhelming beauty of breathtaking sunsets on the lake, gorges, fall foliage, car junkyards, dilapidated barns and bridges captured to appear as paintings is an example of this delicate method. Matt seeks to evoke a diversity of perspective and emotion through the decaying and lively landscapes he captures.

Matt, a Brooklyn and Long Island native, is a two-time Cornell grad that currently works in the non-profit sector.

He has presented his work at the October 2017 First Friday Gallery at Sunny Days of Ithaca, August 2018 First Friday Gallery at Buffalo Street Books, and October 2018 First Friday Gallery at Benjamin Peters. Matt has puzzles and 4×6 photo cards being sold at Sunny Days of Ithaca.