November 1st, Kitchen Theatre Company / Judith Holliday Lobby Gallery

JLP art (5)

Kitchen Theatre Company / Judith Holliday Lobby Gallery 417 W. MLK, Jr./ State St.

John Lyon Paul- Stars: Wall Sculpture

 John Lyon Paul began to make sculptures at the same time that he began to practice meditation in the 1970’s.  These two practices, the receptive and the active, have informed his entire creative life and generated a large and innovative output of artworks.  Entirely self-taught, and the master of many materials, John spends about equal time painting and sculpting in the solitude of the studio he built at the end of a dead-end road in the hills near Ithaca, in central New York.  About this show, he says, “The three Stars appearing in this gallery are made of delicate rice paper.   They as much shadow as substance.”