September 6th, Press Cafe

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Press Café, 118 W. Green St

Sean Gannon-Five Obstructed Poems

In the 6th Century AD, Irish monks who illuminated manuscripts of the Christian scripture were instructed by the reigning pope to, “decorate these pages so that the people will forget their hunger.”

“The words of the text were written in Latin, a language foreign and indecipherable to the people. Yet, knowing that these words were sacred and held great power, the people marveled at the dazzling illumination of these timeless pages.

It is my intention in this show to present five poems whose very reading is obstructed by a kind of decoration.  They are organized to represent five times of day:

Dawn, morning, afternoon, evening, and dusk. They also represent for me five stages of life. The poems are by two Sufi poets; Hafiz and Rumi, the Indian poet Tagore, and TS Eliot.  I believe that the poems hold all of their power undiminished by my feeble attempt at illumination.”

Sean Gannon is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. His primary medium is marble and granite. He lives in Ithaca NY.