September 6th, Ithaca Coffee Company

Ninas Porchfest Hubcap

Ithaca Coffee Company, 311 E. Green St

Porchfest Poster Art-A group show

Ithaca’s Porchfest event began in 2007, inspired by some outdoor ukulele playing and a conversation between neighbors Gretchen Hildreth and Lesley Greene. After a good amount of planning they gathered 20 bands and made it happen in September of that year. Since then Porchfest has become a well loved event in the Fall Creek Neighborhood of Ithaca and the idea spread to many other towns across the country. Nina Widger was asked by Lesley and Gretchen to make an illustration for the 2007 event, and as it turned out she continued to make illustrations for  the event for the next 6 years. The following years’ artwork was created by Jim Garmhausen, Carmel Rome, Rosemary Adelewitz, Anneke van Renesse, and this year’s art has been done by Lily Armstrong-Davies. This year Porchfest will be held on Sunday September 22nd, for more information check out their website at