June 7th, Sandy Wold Art


Sandy Wold Art, 112 West Jay Street

A Decade of Bioregional Bird and Metaphysical Art by Sandy Wold

Sandy Wold, educator, artist, yoga practitioner, and author/researcher/originator of the Cayuga Basin Bioregion map, shares ten years of watercolors, acrylics, oils, and collage artwork (including a mural and permaculture garden) created from 2009-2019. Since the map was envisioned by Sandy (and painted by another artist), she now paints her own birds! Her passion and focus is on birds and their relationship to their bioregion, international bird conservation, meditation, and transcendence from the distractions of the world stage. Originals will be up for silent auction and prints will be for sale. Ample parking. http://www.sandy-wold.com/