February 1st, The Ink Shop Studio Gallery (2nd floor)

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The Ink Shop Studio Gallery (2nd floor)330 E.State / MLK Street
Ink Shop – Tuesday to Friday 1-6 PM, Sat 12-4 PM
Contact: The Ink Shop 607-277-3884
Email: artists@ink-shop.org Web site: www.ink-shop.org

I See You (IC/CU) 2019 February 1 – March 29, 2019
The Ink Shop is pleased to host the 4th joint show of prints by students of two strong printmaking programs at Ithaca College and Cornell University.The fine art print possesses conceptual complexity which is deeply embedded in contemporary art practices. These prints explore aspects of this conversation, questioning what prints are and how they function. These works are richly diverse with unique approaches using traditional methods, ranging from beginner to advanced practitioners.