February 1st, Sunny Days

sunny days

Sunny Days (New location), 215 The Commons (next to the Visitor Center)

John Naegely – Chasing the Clouds Photography

John Naegely is a photographer born and raised in Ithaca, NY. John spent most of his childhood exploring the local gorges and parks of Ithaca and surrounding counties. After spending 23 years living and working in Florida, he returned to Ithaca and picked up where he left off by revisiting the trails and gorges in and around Ithaca. He has a particular fondness for the local wildlife, flowers, waterfalls, and landscapes, so he decided to try and capture the beauty he saw through photographs that he could share with his friends and family. He is self-taught through trial and error (mostly error), and we are sure you will truly enjoy the outcome of his efforts! NOTE: This is our first show in our new location – we hope you’ll come help us christen it!