February 1st, Padma Center For Natural Therapies


Padma Center For Natural Therapies, 114 W Buffalo St

Paintings by Kathy Schlough

Kathy Schlough began painting about 15 years ago, and jumped right in
with a vigorous passion to accurately illustrate the natural beauty
that she found herself surrounded by in everyday life. She began with
small items such as an apple or grapes on the vine but quickly moved
on to more challenging arrangements.

As her artistic abilities improved Kathy began incorporating Feng Shui
– another passion of hers – into her illustrations. Paintings such as
the Buddha and the Rose, Bamboo Stalks, and the Mallards all display
heavy Feng Shui influences.

Kathy was a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators where
she learned to recreate common plants such as a milkweed in exquisite
detail. Many examples of “weeds” can be seen in her work, showcasing
her eye for beauty in otherwise underappreciated plant species.

Kathy passed away in 2018 after battling stage 4 ovarian cancer for 18
months. The artwork she left behind reminds us of her passion to
challenge herself with new pursuits, her love of nature and the
natural beauty of this world, and her caring eye for the often
underappreciated aspects of life.