February 1st, Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn, 130 E. Seneca Street

Lindy Joy Cummings 2019

My photos are all about ice, light, color, shape. Since water reflects what is around it, whether it is melted or frozen, and since I take my photos outside, it is often the sky that is reflected. It can be sunrise or sunset or a bright blue sunny day or lovely puffy clouds…and it will show in my ice. Or it the background could be a patch of winter grass that the deer dug up..

Sometimes the day is so dull and grey that I take the ice back to my porch, find the best light and put some color nearby for it to reflect.

In the Finger Lakes we grow lots of grapevines, both cultivated and wild. In the early spring it might rain and drops gather in the coils of grapevine, and then in the night freeze over. If you arise before the sun melts them you will see the ice crystals caught in the vines.

Also in the spring we might get a freeze after the flowers have bloomed, so you will see flowers in some. It is always a surprise to see what the day will bring.

So if you see some old crazy lady in ski pants and rubber boots and two down jackets, and a pink face mask lying in a creek…don’t panic it is probably only me looking for the magic of ice.

Lindy uses a Rebel T1i with a 60mm macro lens and Lightroom editing programs for contrast, cropping, and sometimes a slight color boost. Mostly what you see is what she found. These photos were taken in the Ithaca area, and in Sussex, England. To see more go to www.SmugMug.com wand search for Lindy Joy Cummings or go to www.LindyJoyCummings.com