August 3rd, Sacred Root Kava Lounge

Sacred Root Kava

Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar  103 South Geneva Street

Jammin’ for Justice

This group of work has been brought together as a collection of art from vital Ithaca community artists in support of two local organizations doing critical anti-racism work — Southside Community Center and the Multicultural Resource Center. Both of these integral organizations work on issues that address cultural and systemic oppression in our local and national landscapes through the power of organized arts and culture as a part of healing the multigenerational/centuries-old wounds that exist in all of us and our communities. Each artist has their own story to bring through their medium and unique perspective of art as resistance to oppression.

Featured Artists: Khalil Bey, Nydia Blas, C. Knightley, Cesar Enciso, Carol Oddy.