August 3rd, First Unitarian Society of Ithaca Parlor

First Unitarian Church

First Unitarian Society of Ithaca Parlor, Aurora and Buffalo Streets corner

Caring for the Earth and her Resources by Carol Mae Whitlow

The artist explores, through photomontage technique, issues of environmental and social justice awareness, from “Remembering Rachel” Carson who write Silent Spring and helped us see what DDT was doing to bird populations, to “Inspiration Iquitos” honoring a Butterfly Farm and Wildlife Rescue Center owner in the Amazon, to “Give who? Your tired your poor” and “Ghandi’s Dream of Peace” remembering how his spinning helped work towards independence from Britain. “Pelican Spirit Rising” was in the State of the Art Juried Photo Show this spring and its companion piece “Broken” is on display here. Below is “Elephant Morning Work” from Chitwan, Nepal.