February 2nd, Padma Center for Natural Therapies

Padma Center for Natural Therapies, 114 W Buffalo St

Art by Sylvia Baily

I find painting to be what Diane Ackerman calls ”deep play”.  It provides a way to slowdown, notice, absorb, and respond to the beauty of this world.  With plain air painting I get to stand in one place for hours taking in everything.  I love the surprise, the simple, powerful illusions of painting. Look, miles of landscape captured in 35 square inches. Rumi said, ”There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” . This is a way I pray.

Series Title: Visions on Emei  shan by Christine Stockwell

The Mt. Emei Scenic Area (Emei shan) in Sichuan Province, China is a protected landscape of striking beauty and cultural significance.  It is one of the four sacred mountains of China and a World UNESCO site.  This series is a selection of twelve images of the more than 500 captured during a three day visit during October 2017.  The intention of this series is to share my sense of wonder in images presented as visual poetry.

About the artist: Christine Stockwell is a scientist by training and a visual artist by inclination.  She finds that she pays much better attention when she has a camera in her hands and looks for the visual poetry in the ordinary as well as extraordinary. She delights in calling Ithaca home although she looks forward to the stimulation of travel.