November 3rd, New Roots Charter School



New Roots Charter School, 116 N Cayuga St

In Between Worlds: Mixed Media Paintings

Miwa Oseki Robbins

This series of paintings is inspired by a month spent in the magical mountains of New Mexico on the edge of the Carson National Forest. On my first morning I awoke at 6:30am to the thump thump, thump thump, of heavy, almost clumsy paws running down the hillside by my tent. It was brown bear, who stopped at the edge of the brush to look back at me as I looked down the hill from my tent before disappearing. My last morning, at 6:30am I awoke suddenly and sat up. Silent, stealthy mountain lion walked on soft paws not more than 15 feet from my tent. She looked at me. I roared. She walked on. Her eyes forever in mine and mine in hers. In between these two experiences the moon eclipsed the sun.