October 6: Benjamin Peters

Benjamin Peters 1

Benjamin Peters, 120 The Commons

Linda Zeito

I am a designer, synthesizer and collector.  I have looked at a lot of art and antiques in my life.  I have a background in studio art, art history and “green retail.”  The pieces begin with finding images that speak to me, frames that inspire me or a background that’s enticing.  I then manipulate and assemble the components as “artworks” so that the images can be admired outside their “historical” or original context.  My purpose is to honor the objects; to get you to look and see them in a new way.  I am drawn to objects that are not well known and that one would not come across in a casual way.  I see my art as falling within a “garage sale ethic” of creative reuse.  All of my work is unique and cannot be duplicated because of the one-of-a-kind “upcycled” frames.  Reusing frames is giving them new life and keeping them out of the waste stream.  Finding the correct frame is central to how I present my art works.  I pay myself $15/hour for the inspiration/research and assembly of these pieces, $6 for the purchase of the frames, $4 for the photocopying of the images/backgrounds which totals $25 for each piece.  I want my art to be affordable and educational and appealing.