October 6: Padma Center for Natural Therapies


Padma Center for Natural Therapies 114 W. Buffalo St.

Artist- Bill Deats

I have been drawing and painting from the time that I was a child.  Oil painting quickly became my favorite medium and has remained so through painting various subject matter, (landscapes and figures) and using many application techniques using brushstrokes, palette knife and feathers.

I am calling this show Cosmic Energy because I am painting while seeing myself as a visionary of the energy that is out there and right here in the Universe.  The human realm is only part of the Cosmos.  It is very important to us because we are humans but we are a part of all else in the Cosmos and not the only thing here.

The Human form often comes back into focus in some of the paintings and that is all right with me because we view so much through our human existence.

I am open to working on commissions of conceptual ideas for paintings as well as selling works that I have created.