August 4: Sunny Days

Waldorf style blocks

Sunny Days 123 S Cayuga St

Joe Sabara, It Takes a Village            

Please join us for this very special show to help support (i.e., earn quick money) for one of our beloved artists, Joe Sabara. At my encouragement, Joe has allowed me to share with you all that he and his wife have been struggling recently due to medical bills not covered by insurance. He had total shoulder replacement surgery 12 weeks ago and hasn’t been able to work for that time. And now, when he should be about healed and able to work again, he has learned about a return of skin cancer and needs to start an expensive (out-of-pocket) topical Chemotherapy treatment program as soon as his shoulder is healed. Joe is a maker. We especially love how he takes existing items and turns them into beautiful, fun, and interesting art… Industrial-style jewelry made from nuts & bolts, garden sculptures made from plates and bowls, wall art from reclaimed barn wood, Waldorf style building blocks from wood scraps, and more! 100% of Joe’s sales while his work is on display through August will go to help support his medical challenges. Thank you in advance for your support!