July 7: Sunny Days


sunny days josh brooks.jpg

Sunny Days 123 S Cayuga St

Josh Brooks – “Landscapes of Light, a journey through America’s most beautiful places”

Since the day he could hold a camera, Josh has held a passion for seeing and capturing the world around him. Much has changed over the years, but his mindset remains the same — to not only encapsulate a moment, but the feelings and emotions that accompany it. Currently a photography student at Ithaca College, his time outside of Ithaca is spent rock climbing, mountaineering, and hiking: his adventures spanning tens of thousands of miles throughout the country’s most beautiful places. Many of Josh’s photographs reflect the spirit of those endeavors, documenting profound landscapes through an immersive and surreal perspective. These images explore the way light plays off the contours of the landscape, drawing attention to color and form rather than the subject itself. His latest work focuses on the relationship between humans and the environment, often utilizing the outside perspective of an observer — a technique that exposes simple yet beautiful moments that are often overlooked.