July 7: Lifelong


lifelong thomas de luca.jpg

Lifelong 119 W Court St

An Art-full Life:  The work of Thomas (Gaetano) De Luca, Sr.

The late Tompkins County Mental Health Commissioner, Bob De Luca, used to say that his father was a lunatic, particularly when he saw the ways that Tom De Luca’s formidable creative energy expressed itself.  From eccentric backyard BBQ grills to “flower” arrangements of grape stems and orange peels, to designing one of Balanchine’s Nutcracker Christmas trees or playing drums and jazz piano, Bob’s father has spent over 80 years (he turned 99 this June) making art.  This first public showing of Tom De Luca Sr.’s work, includes paintings expressing his love of his Long Island home, NYC roots, nature (human and otherwise), as well as examples of his artwork informed by his experiences as a WWII veteran and a professional designer.