July 7: Buffalo Street Books

BSB dara lorenzo

Buffalo Street Books 215 N Cayuga St, Dewitt Mall

Strangers Gate Revisited, Dara Lorenzo

Subtitle: “Artwork by Dara Lorenzo, Prints inspired by Jeffrey F. Barken’s Novel, All the Lonely Boys in New York. Iconic Stamps by Diana Mueller “

Two years ago, author Jeffrey F. Barken launched his novel All the Lonely Boys in New York with a spectacular pop-up gallery event in Manhattan. The gallery featured original prints (inspired by Barken’s fiction) by Oakland-based artist, Dara Lorenzo and made in collaboration with Irish artist, Diana Muller. “Strangers Gate Revisited” will be the second showing of this unique collection. Dara’s artistic process manipulates photographs with various printmaking techniques, smudging disparate colors and accentuating noir details. A second layer melds graffiti elements with Muller’s original ink stamps, rendering the canvas a detailed map that underlies the pace and plot of All The Lonely Boys in New York.

Note: We’ve arranged for a pianist to play some jazz music during the first hr of the opening. (5:30-6:30)