July 7: The History Center

history center hollienn.jpg

The History Center 401 E State St

Historic Water Powered Mills by Walter J. Hollienn

In conjunction with the First Friday Gallery Night and the current exhibition “The Altered and Preserved Landscape,” The History Center will host a 6:00 PM presentation “Historic Water Powered Mills” by Walter J. Hollien, Preservation Architect.

The lecture briefly discusses barns which are a part of milling history as this is where the grain was stored and cleaned before it was brought to the mill. Mills were also the first automated buildings. We will discuss how the mill worked the importance of the different types of millstones, the many inventions of different milling equipment as well as the prevailing superstitions in reference to mills and of course the invention of white bread. The tools of the miller and the tools of the millers sideline occupations, as well as the tools of the millwright will be discussed.

Walter J. Hollien is a Preservation Architect and a Millwright and specializes in the restoration of Historic Water, Wind and Muscle Powered Mills.