June 9: Breathe

breathe anna pausch.jpg

Breathe 171 E State St, in Center Ithaca

Shift by Anna Pausch

“Shift” is a series of Art Therapy Oil Paintings in Abstraction by local Artist Anna Pausch. Each piece is the residual effect of confronting her lingering experiences and inner-conflicts influencing her environment and those around her. As both the active observer and creator, the act of painting brings about a new level of consciousness. Being never formally trained in Oils, she allows herself to unlearn her formal training to embrace her inner-two year old: finger-painting and exploring with color and viscosity.

Anna earned her BFA in Printmaking and Fibers at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, where current works of her’s are on display at the Board of Higher Education and the Inspector General’s Office, Mass Eye & Ear and Arrowstreet Architects.