June 9: State of the Art Gallery

margaret reed SOAG.jpg

State of the Art Gallery 120 W State St

Something Wicked This Way Comes, drawings by Margaret Reed

Much of Margaret’s recent work revolves around stories of saints and mythological figures recombined the Tarot and modern imagery, resulting in unique interpretations of the current political climate. Recurring imagery fosters the sense that the stories are interconnected, inviting the viewer to further consider the world these beings inhabit. Showing May 31-July 2, 2017.

A reception for the artist will be held Friday, June 9 from 5-8pm. 120 W. Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street; curbside parking and ADA accessibility. Hours:  Wed. – Fri.. 12-6pm and Sat. & Sun., 12-5pm. 607-277-1626 and www.soagithaca.org