May 5: Tompkins County Public Library

Tompkins County Public Library 101 East Green Street  

Mapping Tompkins:  A Community Exhibit

A commemorative project designed to showcase, for our and future generations, what it means to live, work and study in Tompkins County. Local residents were asked to illustrate a pre-printed map of Tompkins County, highlighting the places that are important in their lives– from where to find the best ice cream to where you met your spouse, to the places you play, worship, shop or explore.  At 6 pm in the Borg Warner Room, we will also have a reading of Carol Kammen’s “9 Towns and a City”, a play about how our county was formed.  Part of the Tompkins County Bicentennial.

More Than A Book:  Works by Janet Edwards,  Kumi Korf, Lee-Ellen Marvin,  Maude Rith, Laura Robert, Teresa Yatsko; and books from the collections of Susan Currie and Tom Burns. Curated by Maude Rith.

Books can be more than the physical holder of a story or of information: they can contain the memories of its owner: of their childhood, of the mother who read that book to them, of the lover who gave the book.  They are also inspirations for art forms such as the altered book. This exhibit explores what books are and the forms they can take.  Displayed through June.