May 5: Press Cafe

press cafe ken hill

Press Cafe 118 W Green St

Recent Digital Collage Work by Ken C. Hill

My collage work merges, blends, and weaves digital photographic images I’ve taken around Ithaca and the surrounding areas over the past few years, forming them after my own dream-like vision. My visual language includes insects & plant life, buildings, natural settings, waterways, night scenes, starscapes, seasonal change, and characters I create to inhabit my magical/unreality-infused reinterpretation of everyday objects and places.

I created these images almost entirely on my Android smartphone, relying on portability and ease of use, supplemented with a mixed set of inexpensive clip-on lenses. These vary from a wide-angle fish-eye lens, to macro-scale magnifiers, to telescopic. I want to show that compelling visual stories can be told without spending thousands on specialized gear and dedicated facilities, but with what has become a widely-available, economically necessary, and at-hand everyday life tool.

I invite observers to contemplate both the engaging visual tales presented in the images as well as the process and improvised rituals behind the creation of each one.