May 5: The Ink Shop

skye schirmer ink shop

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center 330 E State St, 2nd floor of CSMA

Blinded by Truisms by Skye Schirmer

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center will show Blinded by the Truisms, a series of paintings and monoprints by Skye Schirmer. Skye aims to mirror the ways in which we recycle and transform memories and experiences via social media. The images are crass yet intimate statements, blunt insights into specific moments in time that can still be relatable to the viewer. “It is with these truisms I unapologetically vocalize the messy, humorous, serious and bold facets of my life as a woman and as an artist.”

The Ink Shop will be also showing In the Ring by Scout Dunbar at the CSMA Gallery.