May 5: Collegetown Bagels

courtney CTB.jpg

Collegetown Bagels 203 N Aurora St

Courtney Beglin, Chaos Theory: Murmur

This collection explores the ordered chaos that composes all living organisms, utilizing ornithological anatomy and formation as a case study.  I am constantly intrigued with and inspired by the raw, rugged beauty of nature, and the underlying repetition of pattern that creates a harmony of being.  Whether zooming in on a micro level to examine the gorgeous geometric formations of feathers and wing patterns, or panning out to observe the awe-inspiring displays of starling murmurations, there appears a constant flux and balance between chaos and order.  I utilize color and texture to represent the wildness and chaos of existence, juxtaposed with pen and ink patterns that appear within and through each creature.  With this collection, I hope to instill a curiosity within the viewer for the wonder of creation, for all creatures great and small.