April 7: Sunny Days

Paper bird sculpture.jpg

Sunny Days 123 S Cayuga St

Carla DeMello, Feathered

Carla DeMello is an artist who lives in Ithaca, NY. All her life, she’s worked and played with any material that catches her eye—colorful, sticky, natural, malleable, goopy, or beautiful. When she needed to represent a red-crowned crane for a project, she quickly realized that an origami bird wouldn’t satisfy her flamboyant style. From her experimentation with wire armature, papier-mâché, Sculpey, found twigs and stones, gouache, and cut paper feathers, she discovered a fresh and vibrant way to engage her lifelong passion for birds. Under the persistent guidance of her cat, Woolybear, she went on to make many more bird sculptures, each of them with nearly a thousand individually cut feathers. Each new bird is a delightfully engrossing puzzle, an opportunity to reinvent and refine her process in order to properly honor these amazing and unique creatures.